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Hi, Steven Jackson here, just a page explaining the purpose of this area of the web site.

This area of the website offers extra facilities to people who create a free account. Current member's facilities are:

In return, account holders are asked to rate the unapproved reviews in the Members area. This will help make the web site a better place and hugely reduce the maintenance burden. Doing this will make the web site sustainable as it grows, and will free up time for me to concentrate on new features and content.

Please note that as reviews in this section have not been pre-approved, some will be offensive in nature. In this case the action you should take is to rate them as such. Please do not create an account if you do not feel comfortable with this situation.

The ratings given to each review will be used to decide if it should appear on the main web site.

The members area of the web site uses cookies to store your User ID and Password, so you don't have to long in each time you visit the members area. Cookies are not required, but if you don't have them enabled you will have to log in each time you visit the member's area. As cookies are being used, please do not access the member's area from a computer in a public place (Internet Cafe, Shared University Computer etc).

Your personal details such as Name and E-mail address are being collected for two reasons:

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