Honda Jazz reviews from Australia and New Zealand


Jazz GLi 1.3 litre petrol

A roomy small car with economy and comfort in mind

380 words


Jazz GLi 1.3 petrol

A bit slow but very practical and top quality

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Jazz VTi 1.5 vtec

An honest and reliable vehicle that will be around for a while. It will never be sporty or luxurious

126 words, 4 comments


Jazz Sport 1.5 Vetec

Great fun

174 words

Jazz VTI-S 1.5

Fantastic little package - best in its class that looked at by some margin

280 words, 1 comment

Jazz Sport 1.5 petrol

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Jazz VTI 1.5 litre petrol


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Jazz 1.5

Everyone should own one! That said, I am worried about the CVT though

36 words, 2 comments

Jazz Gli CVT 1.3

Efficient and reliable, but not exciting at all

177 words

Jazz VTi 1.5 VTEC

Half car, half Tardis.

757 words, 14 comments


Jazz VTi-S 1.5L petrol

The Jazz has reignited my love for driving

155 words, 1 comment


Jazz VTI CVI 1.5L

Fanbloodytastic. Love at first drive

169 words

Jazz 1.3

One of the best I have owned

154 words

Jazz 1.3 L CVT

What it lacks in power, it makes up for in style (and space)

Jazz VTi 1.5L petrol four

A great, fun little car

81 words