2010 Mazda 6 GSX Stationwagon 2.5 petrol


Not as Zoom Zoomy as previous MAZDA's


Tyres seem to need balancing again, but barely noticeable.

General Comments:

Feels like a bigger car than the model before, and a lot more solid; there is a pleasing thunk when you shut the doors.

Electric steering has ruined the crisp turn-in and great steering feel of the previous shape.

Ride quality has improved, but it does seem to be at the expense of some of the fun factor, and amazing front end grip of the previous shape.

Many of the very handy interior storage places of the previous shape are gone, which is a frustration.

Lacks top end power, but you only really notice this when overtaking on long steep hills.

Seems very thirsty, with average fuel use of 11L/100km over combined highway and city driving. I'm expecting this to improve as the car is properly run in.

Overall, a great car. Bigger, more comfortable and quieter than the previous model, but a lot of the fun factor has been lost.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2010

9th Mar 2010, 17:49

Aye mate!! Nice ride!

You will find a great improvement of fuel economy and power once you're up to about 15-20K KM's. The Mazda engines seem to take an eternity to break in properly. Applying some nice steady loads during break-in should seat your rings well for 300K of non-oil burning KM's of goodness!


15th Aug 2010, 02:04

I love my Mazda 6, 2009 model!!! This was my very first car and it was affordable! I am young and all of my friends love it! It has a great look and the interior is awesome! The fuel economy is not that great though. That's my only complaint! Other than that... get the car! I have had it for almost 2 years.

23rd Aug 2011, 23:34

We test drove a classic auto wagon.

It had some great points, but the interior does not seem very durable, the rearward visibility was awful, and there is a pulsing or drumming in the car, which had me feeling sick and the beginning of a headache after about 1/2 hour.

It does not hang on as well as my Forester in corners, but the brakes were better, and the auto was superb. Super smooth and really well matched to the engine. The driveline felt solid, but I don't think the interior will last.

Also the back seat have terrible visibility for kids. Apparently those high doors increase travel sickness. The load area was great with true flat fold seats and a 12V socket in the back. The sound system was good.

I decided I wouldn't buy one based on the visibility, and particularly the drumming.

It astounds me how much you get for $22k with the Corolla, 3 etc, and yet how little you get in the $30k's with cars like the Forester and 6, which in some ways are actually inferior to the cheaper cars. I rented a Corolla in NZ last year, and it was utterly flawless. Superb car at every turn; interior, exterior, it was even comfortable and involving to drive with adequate power. Pity none of the compact 4X4's and mid size wagons are that good.

2006 Mazda 6 GSX Stationwagon 2.3 petrol


Great all-rounder


Front brakes needed skimming frequently to keep the brake shudder away, but it didn't help much. Front discs and pads replaced at 70000kms, but shudder was back soon after.

6 disc CD stacker stopped reading CDs after 3 years. Dealer fixed under warranty.

Know of 3 other automatic ones of the same year with automatic transmissions that failed. Apparently this is a known fault overseas, but MAZDA is keeping it quiet here in NZ.

General Comments:

Roomy with lots of useful storage places.

Handles amazingly well for a front wheel drive midsized wagon.

NEEDS traction control, it was far too easy to spin the front tyres when taking off from an intersection even in the dry.

Fairly economical on long trips, but tended to be a little thirsty around town.

Aircon could be a little colder, but it was bearable.

If you want a roomy car that looks good and drives well, then you could do a lot worse.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2010