Mercedes-Benz W124 reviews from Australia and New Zealand


W124 E300 Diesel 3.0 diesel

The car that will take you to the moon and back

156 words, 3 comments

W124 E220 Cabriolet 2.2 petrol

Convertibles don't come any better than this

84 words, 4 comments


W124 E 320 3.2 Litre petrol

A class act

187 words, 1 comment


W124 300TE

Mercedes Benz were perhaps stupid building a car that lasts for so long..

W124 230E 2.3 petrol

A combination of exceptional engineering and obvious prestige

111 words


W124 230E 2.3

Smooth, quiet and a pleasure to drive

47 words, 1 comment

W124 300E 3.0

Easy and secure motoring

198 words

W124 300E-24 3.0 Fuel Injected petrol

I'll own this for life, it's that good

386 words, 7 comments

W124 230e 2.3 petrol

Simply the best

38 words, 5 comments


W124 260E 2.6 unleaded

Stylish cruiser, but needs a bit more oomph

275 words, 1 comment

W124 300TE 3.0 fuel injected

Delight to drive and will serve you well

248 words, 4 comments


W124 300E 3.0 straight six

Great Value Luxury

74 words

W124 300D

So far I love this car


W124 230e 2.3L petrol

Need attention to keep it running after nearly 20 years, but worth it

93 words


W124 300E 3.0L In-line 6

It hasn't made any problems for in my 21 years of ownership

162 words