S4 4.2 V8

Little sounds better

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S4 4.2

This is a very fast and agile gas guzzler that meets all of my needs

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S4 4.2 V8

V8, 6 speed, quattro: best drivetrain ever!

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S4 Quattro saloon 4.2

The best car for everyday enthusiastic driving, or cruising in comfort and style

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S4 2.7L Twin turbo

Performance and class

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S4 Sedan 2.7 turbo

Modified or not, expect a long list of receipts and an empty wallet

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This car is amazing!

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S4 Avant 2.7T

Beautiful and fast, but not built to high quality

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S4 2.7 twin turbo

Very fun, but prepare to become best friends with your mechanic

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S4 V6 2.7L Twin turbo AWD

Buy now!!!

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S4 2.7 Twin turbo

Great buy, but mods require more money and knowledge than your typical car

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It's a nice luxury car, but don't buy it if you're looking for a serious sports car

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S4 2.2L 5 cylinder turbo

Solid European performance in a high-class package

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