1988 Ford Fiesta LE


Tonight when I was driving, it was raining really hard. My car died and I tried to start it. It would not even turn over, but the lights inside the car still turned on.

General Comments:

What could be wrong? The battery, the starter?

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2004

24th Aug 2004, 07:14

The problem could be wetness on the distributor and HT leads. I had 2 mk2 fiestas (an '84' and an '87), and I remember those parts were quite exposed on those old fiestas. I had to replace my leads a number of times when they got a drowning.

1980 Ford Fiesta Decor 1.6 modified to XR2 specs


The best engineered and most connected


Well, since the car was modified (in 1991), the only things that have gone wrong were simple adjustments, which had to be made in order for it to run properly, such as re-jetting the carburetor. The worst thing that ever happened was when I replaced the lower ball joint and didn't seat the locking bolt properly. The joint let go when I was slowly pulling out of a gas station. It was an easy fix, though.

General Comments:

The Mk1 (1978-80) Ford Fiesta is a wonderfully engineered car, which is simple to work on. It has a bullet-proof 4 speed transmission and comes stock with an in-line 4 cylinder, all-iron, Formula Ford (Kent) racing engine. All 78-80 Fiestas have this engine! Once you get past the Fiestas problem areas (brakes and engine cooling), you'll have an indestructible and inexpensive little pocket rocket. There are a few companies which are still dedicated to selling Mk1 Fiesta parts. Parts are inexpensive and most are readily available.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2003

22nd Jul 2004, 22:51

Could you tell me where to find such hi-performance parts thanks.

22nd Jun 2007, 21:05


1978-1980 Mk1 Fiesta parts are becoming scarce in the USA. There are only a few places to buy new and used parts; B.A.T. (British American Transfer in Sarasota, FL.), Fiesta-Centre.co.uk in the UK, RockAuto.com, and eBay.com. Most performance parts are virtually impossible to find.


Ford will be reintroducing the Fiesta to the American Market in 2008. While it is nothing like its great grandfather, the Mk1, it is still a great economical rocket of a car.



1980 Ford Fiesta 1..3


A great, dependable, low budget car


My fuel pump went bad.

My water pump went bad.

General Comments:

This is the first car I picked out for myself and it runs like a dream. I love my little red Fiesta.

I dont mind spending the money on parts for my car. I will spend whatever I need to keep my car running.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2002

1st Aug 2009, 22:31

I had a 1978 Ford Fiesta that I wish I still had today. They are great basic cars that are economical with spirited performance.

1978 Ford Fiesta Sport 1.6


Nothing has gone wrong, so far.

General Comments:

When I got this car from Canada, it had less than 70,000 miles on it. Everything works and continues to work. Importing it was a red tape nightmare, however, during which Ford of North America revealed itself to be utterly incompetent. It took Dearborn three months to figure out that the Fiesta was made in Europe, even though I kept telling them that! This is my fifth Ford (the others included a Mustang and a Cortina) and the reason I say I'm not sure if I would buy another Ford is that now I'm aware of what a completely dysfunctional corporation it is. As for the car, it has yet to give me any trouble. My only complaint would be that it's rather underpowered for climbing mountain passes.

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Review Date: 24th January, 1999

6th Aug 2001, 07:21

Please Help!!! My name is Steven Schwartz and I just bought a 1978 Ford Fiesta in Canada, not knowing it would be such a nightmare to get over. I called customs before I bought it to see what needed to be done. They told me that if it did not have the proper stickers on it, then I needed a letter from Ford. Well, I verified that it had all the proper stickers (E.P.A. and FMVSS) and then bought it. They then would not let me over the border without the letter anyway. My car is stuck in Canada and I'm going back to North Carolina on Thursday. If you still have the letter that you got for your Fiesta, maybe you could send me a copy or maybe you have some contacts or helpful hints for me. Any help would be extremely helpful.