1966 Ford Galaxie 500 289 V8


A Galaxie 500 is a great and inexpensive muscle car.


The carburetor needed new seals and a new float shortly after I bought it.

The old cork valve cover gaskets went out on it recently.

The original u-joints didn't have grease fittings on them, so they went out.

The steering wheel somehow got crooked on it before I bought it.

The Cruise-O-Matic transmission dripped fluid for a while, but the transmission fluid pan just needed tightening.

The choke sticks once in a while, but its no big deal.

That's about it.

General Comments:

The bench seats are very roomy and comfortable.

It feels and rides like a Cadillac. It just floats over bumps.

It sounds and drives like a muscle car, but wait... it is a muscle car!

The little 289 has got more torque than any jap car, and it sounds a lot better too!

A Galaxie 500 in the same shape as mine also makes a great show car! It seems to turn heads everywhere I go.

The car doesn't have a radio, but the sound of the V-8 sounds better to me than any music.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2002

12th Aug 2003, 21:01

My Galaxie now has 33,000 on it and its still doing good.

5th Oct 2004, 02:28

Great cars have one my self. a 1966.

7th Mar 2005, 05:22

Had my 390cu Convertible for 20 years and I love it. always started and never has failed a mot test. model is a 1966 car and I am only the 2nd owner. would never part with it as in excellent condition, however may consider if a 1966 XL with the larger engine became available, but would also have to be in a1 condition.

1965 Ford Galaxie 500 390


Everyone should have one!


Seats are worn badly.

Upper control arms had to be replaced.

Fuel sending unit had to be replaced.

Weatherstripping is beginning to deteriorate.

Distributor had to be replaced.

Timing chain and gears had to be replaced.

General Comments:

This car is truly a joy to drive. As you can plainly see from the problems I have experienced, the only repairs needed are routine maintenance required after many miles of driving and general wear and tear. My next goal is a little corrosion control and new paint for the body. I plan to keep this car for a very long time. When the doors fall off, then I may look into driving something different.

The car runs and drives like a new Cadillac. Truly, it is difficult to see where automobiles have improved enough over the past 35 years to justify the massive increase in costs off the lot. A new car with an equivalent engine and drive train would get around the same fuel economy and wear out much sooner.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2002

23rd Jan 2005, 09:24

I don't necessarily agree that a new car would wear out sooner, but could not agree with you more that the price of new cars has gotten to be absolutely ridiculous. It is because people go out and finance everything, just throwing caution to the wind. We are an "I have to have it now" society. I refuse to buy a new car on account of them being horrendously over priced, as you stated. I do not want to feed/enable the insanity. Good luck with your car.

13th Sep 2007, 14:52

I live in North central Illinois. I drive a 67 with a 289 20 miles to the gallon. I have a 65 LTD I'm willing to sell needs assembled. 2 dr hardtop any one wants more info call me Ray at 815 2529700. Reman 390, perfect frame fron AZ plus many other parts etc.

1963 Ford Galaxie 500 352


Fun and reliable car


The generator quit, replaced with an alternator (and home made conversion kit)

Exhaust replaced with dual exhaust / glass-packs.

Starter went out, had it rebuilt.

Recarpeted and re-upholstered.

Electrical system - very if'y. Works if it wants to. IE. Guages, dash lights.

Stock AM Radio replaced with Chrome AM/FM radio, still looks good. (kept old radio just in case!)

Replaced front shocks, need to figure out the rear leaf springs. Car sags a little in the rear.

Chrome reversed baby moons, on car when I bought it.

The whole car costs me $2000.00! (before the above mentioned repairs / additions)

General Comments:

Great car overall. Rides like a Cadillac!

Floats a bit because of rear suspension.

Overall fun car to drive. Gets looks every time I take it out.

Great paint and great sound from the dual exhaust.

Slow to handle, must think ahead with this car. Turning takes about a full turn of the steering wheel!

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Review Date: 11th July, 2002

8th Dec 2003, 19:52

I also have a 63. Try flipping the leaf springs. This may give you the inch or two you need. If that doesn't work try coil over shocks. Expensive, but worth it! Stay away from air shocks! Poor ride/handling.

10th Apr 2004, 00:16

I've also got a '63 (the boxtop, hardtop model with no B-pillar... hard to find), and I love it. I completely agree with all that you say... it rides just like a Caddy! It's got some problems (very very questionable electrical system... a lot of the systems get just + from the generator, and then ground out through the dashboard), the turn signals don't work when it's cold, the shifter squeaks... but she's been sitting around for a LONG time. It's got 10,300 miles on the original motor (a 390... great for scaring people with 4-bangers, but not too easy on the wallet at the gas pump) and has been allowed to deteriorate a bit. The bumpers are rusty, the suspension on the left side sags, I had to rewire everything, but it's all worth it. She's got some pretty big chips in the paint and rust on the bumpers, and I still get stares when I'm driving around town... I think I'm rambling now, it just gets me so excited to talk about my '63 :P.

10th Jul 2005, 11:05

"I don't know where I would be able to find any more of these clips."

Try www.dearbornclassics.com

3rd Oct 2006, 14:25

Regarding the sag in the back (no--the car shouldn't normally look like that) --one of the folks above got it right: have the rear leaf springs re-arched. It's really not that expensive. Just reversing them, or using coil-over shocks, or even worse: big-long shackles is pretty trashy. You'll also get a much better ride doing it right. Springs done right and decent shocks help against the floaty feeling. Also--most parts are available from vendors for these big cars--Dearborn Classics, Greg Donahue, etc...

I've had my 63 1/2 for 19 years--still a great car!

20th Apr 2009, 13:51

I found a great site that has mono leaf springs for all models.


6th Aug 2009, 14:01

I own a powder blue, 63 1/2, 2 door, hardtop Galaxy that just got a new 352 block in it. I've had it for about 5 years and I don't much about it, but I've always wanted to repair it. I continuously have overheating problems with it and it often doesn't turn over when I start it. Power steering is leaking and the gear is a bit loose. Are there any books, or ways I can help and are easy on the pocket? Somebody drop me some knowledge please. Thanks.

1963 Ford Galaxie 390


A very good car for what I paid for it


Exhaust leak.

Radiator leak.

Master cylinder.

Brake lines.

Heater core.

General Comments:

A very good car for what I paid for it.

It rides like a BMW.

I do not think there would be much hope for me in crash because of the hard dash, no shoulder belts, and no air bags.

The car likes to eat gas (10 MPG).

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Review Date: 11th April, 2001

22nd Apr 2001, 07:27

You will be safe, 'cause of the weight. I don't want to drive a new muhatsubizuki with eight airbags into it...


22nd Aug 2001, 14:50

You might get banged up a little in a crash, but you'll still have a car afterwards. My brother totaled a new Taurus with my 64 Galaxy and all he had to replace was the bumper, two headlights and a little fender and hood work.