2016 Hyundai Excel


Comfortable and smooth handling



General Comments:

While not a terribly exciting car, the 2016 Hyndai Excel does a reasonable job of handling the road pretty well. I am personally a fan of the steering, which feels smooth, and I like how the car glides around corners. I am under no illusion I am driving a super car, but for a family-friendly, daily-driver, I've certainly done much worse.

The seats are comfortable for my 260+ lb. frame, and the kids find the backseat has plenty of room. A modest trunk, great visibility, and no-frills features makes this car one I expect to be easy to fix, and reasonable to keep for several years.

When I bought this, I was looking at a Chevy Cruze and a Ford Focus. This was a better car, by far. I hated the Cruze's sluggish feel, and the Focus felt like an over-zealous fleet car committee ruined anything that could have been good about it.

My only gripe with the Excel is it lacks Bluetooth, which should be standard in all cars. Otherwise, a comfortable, pleasantly fun little ride.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2017

2nd Jul 2017, 02:28

Nailed it on the Focus :)