2002 Lincoln Blackwood Base with navigation system 5.4L V8


This car has a pointless existence


- In the span of two and a half months, the following problems occurred:

- Oil began leaking from below the car at around 1500 miles.

- The radio didn't recognize the CD player from day 1.

- The brakes began squeaking at 2170 miles, so I took the car to the dealer and they were completely useless.

General Comments:

- I am still wondering why I was stupid enough to buy a Lincoln product. You'd expect a traditional American luxury car company to put some sense in their designs.

- Basically, I spent nearly 55,000 valuable dollars purchasing a thinly disguised lawn mower. Don't waste your time or money and look elsewhere.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2002

25th Sep 2002, 20:17

They stopped making them too. I agree they are pretty useless, You can't even get 4x4 on it.

7th Jun 2003, 07:16

Upon test driving the Aviator, the salesman had mentioned that they received twelve of them. This was in February of the next model year. I highly doubt anyone strolls into a Lincoln dealer looking for a pickup. And anyone who happens to see it on the lot and goes into look at it will be turned away at the fact that this $50,000 thing they call a pickup is only 2WD. Message to Lincoln: Leave it to Ford to make pickups.

11th Mar 2005, 14:48

I have nothing, but the best experience with my Blackwood. (#674) Sorry you all had a not so good experience. I will agree that the NEW Mark is a F150 with the Lincoln LOGO.. VERY VERY CHEESY! Love my Blackwood!

26th Aug 2006, 14:38

I just bought a Lincoln Blackwood at a Ford dealer. I paid $24,000 for it with 43,500 miles. I love it! I know that it will get me 12 city and 17 highway miles. I knew that before I bought it. I love it! Not a ding on it. Runs like new. Looks like new. I had no idea it wasn't a 2007 model until I stated reading about them. I love my truck! (car, suv, etc)

16th Nov 2007, 08:43

I love my Blackwood. But I am having a problem with the power back cover. It stops working and sometimes when I check the fuses, then it will work again, then fail later. Fuses are not blown, but when I wiggle the box, it seems to work again. maybe my imagination?? Anyone have an idea where to look if the cover will not operate?? Thanks, Fletch.

30th May 2009, 22:53

I bought my 2002 Blackwood (#2290) about 5 months ago. I love it and will keep it for a very long time. I will pass it on to my son. By then it will be very rare. If you're looking into getting one. It is the best if you don't mind using it as a cruiser not a user.