1970 Pontiac Catalina 400 V8


A tough car with no end in sight


- Transmission was shot at 198,000 miles.

- Electrical problems with head lights.

- Rear axle went bad about at 125,000 miles.

- Dashboard has pretty bad cracks.

- The seat cloth is horrible. The cushions are still good, though.

- Gas gage doesn't work.

- Trunk is hard to open. Always has been.

- Oil pan got a hole at about 175,000 miles.

- Exhaust is out. That's gone bad over time.

- Passenger door has some minor rust.

- The head gasket went at 142,000.

- Hard to start at sub-zero temperatures.

General Comments:

- This car is great. No one drives them any more, so in a crowded parking lot, it's easy to find.

- This car has never been off the roads more than a week since I've owned it. It's very dependable.

- My Pontiac's fairly roomy, so I keep a lot of my junk in it. I guess it doubles as my mobile storage shed.

- It doesn't get real bad mileage for the type of engine. I don't know what it gets, though. I just fill it up every hundred miles.

- The paint is surprisingly good, considering I only wash maybe once or twice a year. I know I should take better care of keeping it clean, but oh well.

- I don't hesitate a challenge for a race at a stop light. Some times the old boy whoops butt, other times, not so much.

- This car and I are the same age. My friends joke that I'm going to die before it does. I've never owned another car, so I'm doing trying to keep it alive another, maybe ten years.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 18th September, 2008