2008 Suzuki Samurai 1.3 liter


This was a fun, reliable, we'll built (jeep) vehicle


After 12 years, the exhaust had big holes (mostly from salt air when I lived on the CA coast)... because it failed CA emission test... this was the only system that needed to be replaced.

Besides that, I only needed to replace 1 tire (Bridgestone), because I had traveled to snow country. Since it had a full spare on the back, moved the 2 rear tires up front, along with the spare on the rear, I could not get a matching Bridgestone, so they put a comparable Cooper on it, with the old tire as the spare. The original 2 Bridgestones lasted more than 100,000 miles before I sold the Samurai in 2002. With new booties on the rear, it had no trouble going anywhere... snow drifts, through woods, sand, etc... I drove cross country... back and forth... twice... from Hwy 101 to I95. It took on hills, trucks (just as long as it had a head full of steam), mud, snow and El NiƱo.

This was my first new car... (only 9k) so new, it had only 5 miles on it. I bought the hard top, without the rear seat (I'm a minimalist), just as long I could fit my golf clubs (and survival gear) in back, it was all I needed.

General Comments:

With the awesome paint job (scarlet red), there was no rust throughout the body. It took abuse like a champ. In the 14 years I owned it, it had maybe a handful of tune ups, mostly prior to long trips, and maybe an oil change every other year... I had other things on my mind.

Oh, I did have to replace the battery once.

It was bittersweet to let it go, but it would have been a major hassle when I moved to the city.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2016

6th Dec 2016, 22:49

If you only changed the oil every other year, it's surprising it made it to 50K miles, let alone 100K.