Toyota Sequoia reviews from North America


Sequoia Limited 4.7

Cheap parts, but not a cheap price

75 words

Sequoia Limited 1.7

207 words

Sequoia SR5 4.7L 2WD

Dependable, but needs more horsepower

235 words, 4 comments

Sequoia Limited 4.7 V8

Expensive with bad service

79 words

Sequoia LE 4.7

The whole family loves this Sequoia

125 words

Sequoia Limited 4.7L V8

Not worth it so far

172 words, 5 comments


Sequoia SR5 4.7L V8

Wonderful family off roader with plenty of style, quality, and taste

278 words


Good vehicle overall

Sequoia SR5

Sequoia SR5 V8

I like the car, may not purchase another one

48 words, 3 comments

Sequoia SR5


Sequoia Limited Edition

A shamefully dishonest product

Sequoia SR5 4.7L V8

Priced to high for the problems

35 words, 1 comment

Sequoia Limited 4x4 5.7

Super SUV!

113 words

Sequoia SR5 V8

Not worth the money

146 words, 26 comments

Sequoia Limited V8

An expensive unreliable vehicle

102 words, 1 comment

Sequoia SR5 4.7 iforce V8

A solid SUV that could benefit from further refinement

115 words, 2 comments

Sequoia SR5

Great performance and reasonable price

Sequoia Limited 4X4 V8

Over priced, but easy to drive and comfortable

365 words, 1 comment

Sequoia Limited 4.7 I-force V8

A very high quality ride with room to spare

154 words

Sequoia Limited


Sequoia Limited V8

Fair - still better than an American SUV

149 words

Sequoia SR5

Sequoia Limited

Do the research and go buy one

Sequoia V8


88 words, 1 comment

Sequoia Limited V8

VSC/TRAC Problems

163 words, 3 comments

Sequoia Limited 4.7 V8

I like the car

210 words

Sequoia Limited

Runs great for me

Sequoia Limited 4x4 4.7 Gas

Very dissatisfied

62 words

Sequoia limited V8

168 words, 1 comment

Sequoia Limited V8

Bad Purchase for the money

87 words, 1 comment

Sequoia Limited 5.7L. V8

A poorly designed vehicle with lots of braking problems

85 words, 2 comments

Sequoia Limited Edition 6 cylinder

This vehicle is not worth the sticker price

92 words, 53 comments

Sequoia SR5

High quality extra large SUV