Pulsar VZ-R SR-16VE 1.6 litre petrol

67 words


Pulsar Ti 1.6

Tough, reliable and economical with a good power output

149 words

Pulsar GTi-R 2.0L turbo

A high performance bargain

61 words

Pulsar GTi-R 2.0 turbo charged 16v

0-60 5.5secs, top speed 155mph+, 4 adults and their belongings, 3 doors, this car speaks for itself!

116 words, 6 comments

Pulsar GTi-R 2.0i 16v twin cam turbo 4x4

I think for 5000ukp you can't get a car faster than this

87 words, 4 comments


Pulsar GTi-R 2.0 turbo

Street fighter turbo

98 words

Pulsar GTiR 2.0 turbo

The ultimate Japanese car

72 words


Pulsar GTi-R 2.0 16v turbo 4x4

For under 5k you can have a car that'll leave cars for dust that are worth 4 times as much

149 words, 1 comment

Pulsar GTi-R 2.0 turbo

The fastest 4x4 turbo you can buy for under 6,500ukp

37 words

Pulsar GTi-R 2.0 turbo

Tarmac terror

27 words

Pulsar GTi-R 4WD 2.0 turbo petrol

Best of the grey imports

53 words

Pulsar GTi-R 2.0 turbo petrol

Hell of a lot of car for the money

29 words

Pulsar GTI R 2.0 turbo petrol

36 words


Pulsar GTi-R 2.0

Furiously quick, but fragile

75 words, 9 comments


Pulsar GTi-R 2.0 turbo

Awesome, dragon slaying hatchback

101 words