2009 Nissan Qashqai N-tec 1.6 petrol





General Comments:

I had my reservations about buying a Qashqai, but they were soon put to bed upon owning this vehicle.

I have owned this 2009 1.6 petrol N-tec Qashqai for only 3 months, and I still have a smile on my face!! The kit that comes with the N-tec (panoramic roof, colour reversing camera etc), you would expect to find on cars over 30k.

I was ultimately surprised at how well the 1.6 engine copes with this car having read previous reviews. Having owned a Clio Sport and Fiesta ST in the past, I don't find the Qashqai sluggish at all.

My MPG is great as well, considering we do only town driving, and a full tank of petrol will show 500 miles to empty. I can only assume that on motorway journeys this would increase.

In summary it's a great family car (it's shorter in length than a Focus!!), and would recommend anybody in the market for a family car to consider this, especially in N-tec form.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2012

27th May 2015, 21:52

You mention you had your had a recall on the brakes on your Qashqai. Can you please give me details of the recall, as I have had 4 sets of calipers and disks in 51k, and Nissan say there is no problem with the brakes?

Ronald Duncan, Scotland.

2009 Nissan Qashqai Tekna 1.5 dCi turbo diesel


Good car, but it could be better


The cover for the speedo and other dials fell off in the first week; had not been clicked in properly.

Rear shocks needed replacing after 18 months.

Rear parking sensor stopped working.

Had to go back for brake recall.

Had the wrong engine plate identity plate fitted.

General Comments:

The Qasqai is great at long runs; we took ours to the south of France, fully loaded with a roof box, and it sat on the motorway at 80-90mph with no problems.

I wish I had gone for the +2 version to get that extra room in the boot.

Can't complain about the fuel economy; on a recent trip I got from Nottingham to Paris on just over half a tank.

One thing is you can't have the radio on while the ignition is off.

I have had the car for nearly 3 years now, and for all its faults, I really like it, but wish the build quality was better, and for more space in the cabin.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2011

31st Mar 2013, 10:28

Just bought a 2009 Qashqai Tekna 1.5 dCi. Nice to drive, but the heater is useless! Been back to the supplying dealer who tells me "they are all like that". Surely this is not true; it is like a 1960's car heater.

3rd Apr 2013, 16:34

I think the problem is (as with mine) because it's a diesel, and the Renault 1.5 dCi engine takes ages to warm up. If you put the temp on maximum, it will take at least 10 miles to start warming the inside up; it's just one of those QQ quirks, and there are a few of em... slow electric window motors, crashing suspension over bad surfaces, rubbish A/C, noisy startup from cold et al... but strangely I do like mine, it's a 2009 1.5 dCi. I should be fed up with its foibles... but so far I ain't!

2008 Nissan Qashqai Tekna 4WD 2.0 petrol




Interior trim started to fall off after less than one year and barely 10,000 miles.

Heater and air-conditioning were slow to work, and finally failed after 15,000 miles.

Interior light-bulb blew after 17,000 miles, and again after 22,000 miles.

Ignition failed after 24,000 miles.

Driver's window motor failed after 26,000 miles.

Stereo packed up after 27,000 miles, and shortly afterwards I traded it in.

General Comments:

This car cost me nearly £20,000 to buy, and I've never wasted so much money in my entire life.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't too bad to drive, and it was quite comfortable.

But it was badly built and unreliable, and within a year I knew I would be getting rid of it as soon as I'd paid for it.

As soon as I paid for it, I traded it in for a new Mondeo. My previous 3 cars were all Mondeo's, and they were all far better than this trash.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2011