2003 Skoda Superb Elegance 2.5 turbo diesel


Genuine spacious luxury let down by quality control gremlins


Brake failure light illuminated due to lack of fluid

Boot / trunk lid gas supports failed

Heated seat (Drivers) had no heating element fitted

Windshield wipers

Dashboard drawer (stuck IN with wallet inside)

General Comments:

This is ALMOST a great car. I have experienced some quality control gremlins and a couple of horror stories and I would not feel able to recommend a Skoda Superb (although I thoroughly recommend an Octavia).

Traded my 03 Octavia in part-exchange for it so I could use the Superb to tow my caravan... and it will tow anything, even a house!!... However...

Heated drivers seat incorrectly fitted without the wiring loom or heating elements. "Not a warranty claim, because as one is not fitted there is nothing to go wrong" said the dealer. So I had to go through Skoda's exception process which took 6 months (the winter, when I needed the heat). Instead of just fitting a new seat complete, Skoda would only authorize retro-fitting the necessary parts. As a result the heating is great, but the seat is now uncomfortable!!

Dealer was helpful, but not efficient.

Delay because no parts available in Europe until I told them I was going to bring the local TV station down to see me park across their entrance. Skoda found the parts within 4 hours :-) )

Steering a bit on the heavy side, but new Michelin Primacy Pilots have improved this a LITTLE.

Supplying dealer didn't put enough brake fluid so warning light came on after 2 days.

On the plus side, amazing power and smooth transmission, great climate control, loads of space, 35mpg if you drive it hard, more than 40 if gentle. Loads of rear seat legroom.

Summary: now up to 6 sessions with the dealer and nearly 20 days off the road - the WORST reliability performance of any car I have owned in 35 years.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2006

8th Jun 2006, 23:54

Methinks, the issue is more with the dealer, than the manufacturer per se.

2004 Skoda Superb Comfort 1.9 TDi PD


Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin!


A couple of minor niggles in the shape of bulbs and recalls, but generally a well screwed together vehicle.

General Comments:

As soon as I took it for a test drive I wanted to buy it. The car is a large size, but quite easy to get used to. Parking could be a problem without the rear parking sensors.

Loads amount of kit for a mid range model.

The seat fabric is not as good as I would have hoped, but the rest of the car is simply brilliant and full of nice touches like door handles that light up at night, 'Cat Vision' which gives an ambient red glow over the inside of the car at night.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2006

4th May 2006, 14:48

What recalls are there on it, and what bhp?

5th May 2006, 02:04

The BHP is 130.

The recalls have been to check the fuel tandem pump, then another recall for the mounting bolts for the pump.

13th May 2006, 09:01

I like the look of the Superb and believe they are the best value for money car out there, the only worries I have is if they are like the Passat, they might share their good range of economical diesel engines and bad things like their faulty front suspension, cv joints door handles, but with a bit of luck they may use different parts, and then your looking at a better car than the Passat, both visually and in engineering standards.

2005 Skoda Superb 1.9 TDI turbo diesel


Looks good


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

It is a nice crisp muscular design.

Limo like space in the rear.

The one and only worry I have is that it is a stretched Passat, meaning it uses the same suspension parts, door handles, locks etc, so will it turn out a nightmare like 90% of Passat owners reckon theirs is?

There should be no stigma attached to a Skoda, but there should be to a Passat.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2005

8th May 2007, 11:26

What is this guy scuttering on about the Passat?

The Passat is one of the best cars available.

10th Jun 2007, 06:08

Suppose he is worried after reading the owners reviews about the Passat; they are not that good; in fact they may be the opposite with plenty of faults to their owners angst.