2004 Suzuki Alto GL 1.1


Almost the perfect town car


ECU over ehated in the summer and caused Pinking at 3000 miles.

General Comments:

Interior is rather grey.

Noisy cabin with minimal, ie no, sound proofing.

Lightweight and gets blown all over the place in Winter.

Outstanding fuel consumption, 55mpg and mostly B road use.

Build quality not up to most small Euro boxes, but significantly better than Malaysian etc.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2006

2005 Suzuki Alto GL 1.06


An incredible car for the price!!


As many Alto owners will have noticed, the car sometimes "pinks" when accelerating hard.

If travelling on motorways above 60mph, the car sometimes produces a very loud hollow whistle, not sure what causes this, I'm taking it to the garage on Sunday.

Often feels distinctly underpowered, but this is to be expected.

Doesn't sit comfortably at 30mph, 3rd gear is too low, 4th is too high.

Front seats are comfy, but there is little room in the back for adults, and the seats back there are very uncomfy.

For Such a small car, it has quite a big turning circle.

General Comments:

This is a nice little car, I drive to work every day, about 50 miles round trip, on just under £15 petrol a week. Fuel economy is incredible.

Comes with a lot of 'extras' as standard, like ABS and a CD player, but Air Con would have been a nice optional upgrade.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2005

2005 Suzuki Alto GL 1.1


Fantastic value for money!


I have only had the car for a few months, but, touch wood, nothing has gone wrong yet.

General Comments:

The Suzuki Alto is a great little city car. It is comfortable, nippy and easy to park.

Due to its small stature, the Suzuki Alto is particularly good for petite drivers - the seat position is high, giving good visibility of the road, and the pedals are easy to reach without needing to have the seat pulled so far forward, that your chin is resting on the steering wheel!

The boot is small, but gives enough room to fit shopping and essentials. If this isn't enough, the rear seats fold forward to provide more room.

My previous car was a Citroen Saxo, which gave me problem after problem, especially with the engine cutting out at traffic lights, and sometimes even whilst driving. The brakes were also very inefficient, and no matter how often I had them fixed, they still never seemed to be very responsive. I have had none of these problems with the Suzuki Alto.

In conclusion, the Suzuki Alto is a great little car, providing all the essentials for a low purchase cost and very low running costs - If you are watching the pennies, then this is definitely a car to consider!

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Review Date: 25th October, 2005

2004 Suzuki Alto GLX 1.1


Cheap, fuel economic, but otherwise the worst car I have ever driven


Annoying knocking sound from rear brakes when braking.

Paintwork becomes tatty very quickly and perforates early.

Windscreen wipers do not sit on window-screens properly when driving and its raining does not wipe the screens properly.

General Comments:

Excellent fuel consumption.

Handles like an elephant. gets blown all over the road.

Noisy interior not very well sound proofed.

The most uncomfortable car I have ever driven.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2005

15th Mar 2005, 04:11

I really wanted a lightweight car and I got it, averaging 51 to 55 mpg on motorway/town mixture, easy to park.

Only fault was an irritating ticking sound from the rear door when right hand cornering (stopped now after 45000 miles)...something loose that should have been stuck down.

Suzuki spares and servicing are extortionate, virtually 200 quid for an oil change, 50 quid for a set of brake shoes that would cost a Ford driver 20...and the recommended service interval at 9000 miles is not recommendable! So the cheap purchase price and petrol are offset a bit.

However I love my Alto for all that - 45000 miles in 2 years and its holding up fairly well.

24th Nov 2005, 04:42

My Suzuki Alto (2000) has been a nightmare since day 1. Now five years old, here is a list of problems I have had:

Rear wheels freezing solid in temperatures below 0 Celsius

Defective battery

Defective shock absorbers

Broken rear window washer

Broken cabin light

Leaking petrol

Defective muffler

Loose trim

Broken tailgate lock

Window coming loose from window frame (in winter!)