2004 Suzuki Alto GL 1.1


Engine pinks whilst it is put under load. Suzuki are aware of problem, but no fix at present.

Also paintwork faulty.

General Comments:

Miles per gallon are great between 50-60.

Would be very good if it was not for above problems, however would not buy another again.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2004

9th Feb 2005, 11:50

We too have had pinking problems (for the past year and a half). No sign of solution for fixing. Would not buy another one.

11th May 2006, 06:18

My 2004 Alto is on it's second ECU. Always happens at the start of hot weather. Dealer has become utterly frustrated with Suzuki UK who won't provide a CURE to the problem. appears to be heat related. ECU is behind dashboard and overheats causing some component failure. I am facing 1000 pound a year bills when the warranty expires.

2003 Suzuki Alto GLX 1.1


A great little car that's also fun and cheap to drive


Drivers door handle was pulled off by vandals

The foam on the drivers seat side support collapsed.

General Comments:

Seems faster than the manufacturers state.

I get an average of 58 miles per gallon, I use the car for driving instruction and personal use.

Wish it had air conditioning.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2004

2003 Suzuki Alto LX 1.1


Economical, practical and good value for money


Nothing has seriously went wrong with this car (yet). The only grumble that I have had so far is that one day when I went to fill up the water compartment that sprays the windows clean, the cap completely snapped off. It wasn't a major thing, but it did make me think twice about how delicate the car is.

General Comments:

The greatest thing the Alto can boast of is running costs.

They are cheap to buy, cheap to tax, cheap to insure and they practically run on air. They do 70 to the gallon, however I'm not to familiar with gallons so from my experience a 260 mile journey costs about £15.

It is quite a dinky looking car with a very simple design. However the interior could do with a few minor adjustments.

I think that anybody who looks to buy a Suzuki is looking for something reasonably priced and practical. And the Alto is precisely that.

It does the job in getting you from A to B. And it does is cheaply.

You also get a lot more as standard compared to equivalent cars in the same price range.

I would probably say that the Alto is more suited to a female driver as the pedals are quite close together, making it an easier drive for people with small feet.

The driving position is a bit higher on the road compared to my other car.

The stereo also sounds quite 'tinny'. Nevertheless, it does the job.

I have also found that the car doesn't actually have any fog lights. Unless I haven't discovered them yet, in which case they are not very visible/accessible.

As a first car it is great and I would recommend it to most.

From the outside the Alto can be quite deceiving. But the inside is quite spacious and the boot is a nice size too.

The sheer size of the car is great for parking and allows you to fit into the tighter spaces you would normally drive past.

If you are thinking of buying this car, be prepared to get a lot of grief from other smart-ass drivers who think their car is better than yours.

In summary, the Alto is better than what you would expect. It's a nice little runaround.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2003

2nd Oct 2004, 11:16

Nice and sexy.

23rd Mar 2005, 03:24

I went to this site after already having had bought the car. For £5000, what do you want? I just hope it lasts until the final payment clears. Does anyone have a car more than a year old? I wonder how it has held up. Thanks