2007 BMW 1 Series SE 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Overrated little car!


ABS sensors failed four times.

Suspension squeak.

Airbag warning light illuminated due to poor connection.

Dash buttons fall off!

General Comments:

Owning this little car has been an unpleasant experience, and has resulted in 12 months of hassle!

My previous Rovers, MGs and Hondas were far more reliable.

The BMW is very uncomfortable and not a very nice place to spend any amount of time.

Avoid the 1 Series, it's the most overrated car on the road!

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Review Date: 9th December, 2009

9th Dec 2009, 15:57

Agree with this reviewer in general.

The 1 hatch sells mainly on badge appeal than anything else. It does drive well with a great chassis, but the compromises it imposes is just too much - cramped rear seat, limited luggage space and unyielding ride on those expensive to replace run flat tyres.

My personal experience has also shown that build quality is sub-par, with numerous rattles, squeaks and creaks from the cabin trim and also myriad electronic issues.

If BMW is counting on this series to attract new buyers to its fold, it is grossly mistaken.

11th Dec 2009, 18:32

Your car is the E87 model. Compare it to the E82 model (newer) and comments by Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear.

14th Dec 2009, 10:01

Seems to be similar to what happened when they launched the 318ti in the 90's. Fun little car with a zippy engine, but not up to the same standard as its coupe brother.

2009 BMW 1 Series 125i 3.0 Litre from Australia and New Zealand


Pocket dynamo. An unfolding classic


Nothing. Just learning the control electronics takes some time and persistence; but isn't that the case with most luxury cars.

General Comments:

I couldn't wait to write this review because I feel I have an obligation to let the secret out. The 125 makes the Honda Integra (which I traded), seem very ordinary.

I cannot fault this car. It is so well designed and so well made that it just shines in every aspect (BMW take a bow - I wish all cars were made to this high standard).

Pickup and power are great (can't use much more in our crowded city traffic), fuel economy is good, handling is superb, comfort is OK (with 18" runflats) and cabin and external styling is the best around. I cannot say enough glowing words about the great styling. I am waiting for the avalanche of Japanese and Korean copy cats.

Clearly the car is still running in and feels a bit tight, but that is not noticed on the road. Now I drive to the other side of the city to pickup the Saturday morning newspaper. It is a drivers car and it makes you want to drive and drive. Corners are straightened and hills flattened with ridiculous ease. This car is destined to become one of the all time classics.

BMW has my patronage captured for many, many years.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2009

22nd Jun 2009, 17:37

E82 125 Coupe.

19th Jul 2009, 02:56

I'm taking delivery of my new 125 (black) in two weeks time... now I can't wait :)

19th Jul 2009, 19:40

I guarantee you it will be the best car you have owned. Mine has not missed a beat. My wife has taken possession of it so I have to drive the 320 (E46). The 125 makes my 320 seem outdated and it only has 90,000 klm on the clock. Runs superbly also. Such a problem!

2009 BMW 1 Series 128 from North America


Nice but not as nice as I thought it would be


The warning lights seem to be a problem. The engine light goes on. When I called my sales person he said to open the gas cap and replace it tightly. Turn the car off and on again... the light went off. This has now happened 3 times.

Also my drivers side window leaks when I wash the car.

Front lighter never worked.

General Comments:

The cup holders are odd and don't hold average cups and then the armrest comes down on them.

The back seat windows don't have controls?

No cup holders in the back?

The car is still a BMW and therefore drives wonderfully and corners better than any other car.

I traded my Z4 for the new 1 series and now wish I had just bought another Z4.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2008

27th Sep 2008, 15:38

Damn those cup holders!

6th Jul 2009, 16:52

Granted the Z4 is a beautiful car, but it has a smaller cabin than the 128 (BMW call it a 125 in Australia... the 135 is the twin turbo with 50% more power than the 125) and size seems to matter to you.

17th Oct 2009, 00:54

I wonder if this car was assembled in South Carolina or Germany. If it was made in the Carolinas then that is your first problem. If I buy a German car, I want it to be genuine German.