2005 Buick LaCrosse CXL 3.8 Liter V6 from North America


It is the best standard car the GM can design to date


Our Buick pulled to the right quite badly when we first bought it. It turned out that the factory had not fixed a problem with the steering after design and produced it "As Is". But, with a quick run to the dealership, they had it fixed in no time.

Still, cars are not supposed to come out of the factory with imperfections. Just ask the people who produced the Beetle, for they would disassemble an entire car if there was a dent in the dashboard.

The only other problem is that the technical controls (e.g. electric chairs, air conditioning buttons, etc.) have either worn out considerably or are in the process of having the paint wear away.

Also, an annoyance arises with the radio. It automatically turns the volume down when the car slows and the exact opposite when the car speeds up! It is a novel idea on safety that turns into a great nuisance after a few tries at the knobs.

General Comments:

It is a well built car and is perfectly suited for long road trips or interstate driving. It performs brilliantly in a straight line. However, once you throw some corners at it, you are in for a real shock. It feels like the whole car is going to tip over if you take a hard corner over 25 mph!

The cabin is very comfortable and roomy for a mid-sized sedan. The suspension makes it feel as though you are riding on a boat (which, you could say, the car is).

Then again, I do not believe the car had the option for AC vents in the back, and it shows. The car was typically designed for the midwest or the northeast. We live in the Sonoran desert; so, if you have passengers in the back, the AC must be on full blast during the summer months; which effectively drowns out the music if the radio is on.

Now, to the gentleman who quoted this car as a new "Youth Oriented" model, I have some dire news: IT IS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE. I am a teenager, and I do think the car is quite beautiful. But don't kid yourself, its curvy features, quadruple headlamps, and severe lack of handling only appeal to the elderly population. My family just bought it because of sentimental reasons.

All in all, though, it is stubbornly reliable, has more than enough power to get it going, can return an average of 28 mpg depending on driving conditions, and will last at least half a century (You can't prove it won't happen!).

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Review Date: 28th July, 2009

29th Jul 2009, 17:14

I am only 24 and I think the LaCrosse is a very nice car, but you are definitely right, most guys my age would never consider one. At one time the average buyer was 69 (the oldest in the industry). I considered a new one when I traded my '99 Park Avenue last year but decided on an '05 Park Avenue with 17 thousand miles. I personally like the looks of the LaCrosse better than the larger Lucerne. I have never driven a Lucerne but know someone who was intending on buying a LaCrosse and decided on the Lucerne after test driving both. The LaCrosse CXL I test drove didn't drive quite as smooth as my grandma's '03 Century but overall was quite comfortable. Unfortuantely the trend is towards less floaty suspensions, I love that floaty ride like in my Park Avenue and will definitely miss it. It saddens me to see the upcoming '10 Lacrosse. It looks like a Camry clone and will probably lose even more Buick customers. I know I wouldn't buy one.

2008 Buick LaCrosse CXL 3.8 from North America


Best buy among premium mid-size sedans


Nothing - It is a Buick.

General Comments:

My wife and I have driven Buicks since 1989 and loved each of them.

The LaCrosse is very comfortable (about the same as our '03 LeSabre). We find the leather seats very comfortable both on short and long trips, and the driving position is very comfortable. Buicks seem to have a higher seating position than many other cars, which allows for a great view of the road. The heated seats, sunroof, and dual climate control are great additions.

We test drove the Toyota Avalon and new Accord, but they just didn't compare to the Buick. With rebates we got the loaded Buick for just over $23,000. We paid more than that for our LeSabre 5 years ago!!

Toyota and Honda just can't touch the value of the Buick. We have driven Buicks with the 3.8 for nearly 20 years, and our experience has been that this engine is second to none.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2008

7th Apr 2008, 13:43

I agree with the reviewer. I bought a La Crosse in 2007 after test driving mid-size imports such as the Camry and Accord. The Camry and Accord felt like flimsy, low buck economy cars while the Buick feels like a solid high-end luxury car.

24th Apr 2008, 17:05

I paid $14500 for an 2007 Lacrosse in Jan of 2008, the prev. owner traded it in after 1 year so I got a great deal. My wife had a toyota corolla for 7 years, it was an OK car but you can't compare the luxury and ride next to a buick w/the 3800 v6 engine in it. Very solid, great riding, fun to drive car!!