2009 Chery Tiggo LX 1.6 from South Africa


Nice car, but now I'm worried


On our way from Johannesburg to Cape Town, about 60km before Laingsburg, the water pump broke and hit the engine; pistons, valves, the whole lot were buggered. I cant seem to find another engine anywhere. The car been standing for a month now.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2014

2010 Chery Tiggo TXE 2.0 from South Africa


All that glitters is not gold


BE CAREFUL WHEN BUYING A CHERY, you might incur a lot of expense and no help.

When we took delivery of the automobile, we noticed that the transmission took 15 seconds before it kicked into reverse.

Sent the car back to dealer, 2 MONTHS LATER. Dealer's report said that the gearbox must be replaced. This car's warranty only expired in March 2013. Chery S.A. feels that car is out of warranty, so it is not their problem.


Should Chery not be concerned with such bad reviews?

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Review Date: 27th August, 2013

19th Oct 2013, 09:28

Still waiting for the car.

This is now late October. Emailed everybody from Cherry S A to China. The dealership that we bought the Chery Tiggo from have now changed our car for a reliable good old VW Polo.

My advice. LEAVE CHERY alone.

25th Oct 2013, 11:59

I have my Chery for about 5 months - and now I'm also experiencing the gearbox problem. When I stop at a stop light, as soon as I push the accelerator, my car runs BACK for about 2 meters...

I stay in quite a remote place and no one can FIND the place to change the transmission oil. Could someone please assist??? Would be much appreciated (no warning light on my dash board).

9th Jan 2014, 15:02

Wish I had read this before I bought my Chery.

I bought my 2009 model in May 2012, and now the gearbox is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Can anybody help with advice – what do I do now – where can I find a second-hand automatic gearbox?

Just my luck that I bought the car just after the warranty expired, and I never took the extra insurance.

Any help would be so much appreciated.

Thanks, Melissa Strydom – 078 621 7405

2011 Chery Tiggo 200/AT from Iraq


Compared with its price, it's very good


The dealer advised me to change the transmission oil every 12000 KM!

After an oil change, sometimes I hear a low knock in the transmission and the gear icon appears in the dashboard. When I switch off and restart, the icon does not appear again. This happens occasionally. I looked in the operating manual, but I couldn't see what this icon refers to. Even they didn't say to change the transmission oil every 12000 KM!

General Comments:

The Tiggo is nice car with a cheap price.

It's stable on the road, but the acceleration is not good I think because our fuel is too bad.

The driver's seat is not too comfortable for long distance drives.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2013

19th Jun 2013, 03:12

I am from Iraq. I have a Tiggo 2011 2.0 AT. I have a problem with the transmission; while the transmission changes from speed to speed, I sense occasionally a sudden clear knock in the transmission and a red gear signal appears in the dashboard. When I switch off and on again, it disappears. But the situation happens from time to time. Does anyone have any advice?

In general I do not like the auto transmission DP0 used in the Tiggo, because its maintenance is very difficult and very, very troublesome, and I see it as being unreliable and not heavy duty.

Also here in Iraq, the Tiggo agent after sales maintenance is not reliable, and the workers are not capable and experienced, especially for complex things like the automatic transmission.

I bought the car for $12500, but I would never advise others to buy it.

Laith J. 2013-6-16

3rd Sep 2013, 05:13

Same problem with me, noise between gear changes and the gear icon appears in the dashboard, but disappears sometimes after a while without any interference.

The maintenance in Iraq is very unreliable, and they advise drivers to change gear oil every 15000 km! This is totally wrong and unprofessional.

The DP0 transmission is greased for life, and the oil level only needs to be topped up if leaks are present. Don't replace the gear oil, because it has many chambers and needs to be programmed again.

Greetings from Karbala.