2003 Chevrolet Prizm Standard from North America


Great reliable compact car - top notch


Dash lights failed (slowly) Now it is hard to see speed information on the odometer at night (typical Chevy stuff there)

General Comments:

Excellent little car. It is a Corolla and at the time I paid 50% less than I would have to buy a Corolla (private transaction). I paid $4,000 for this car 1 year ago. My insurance company just paid me $6,800 - when they totaled it after an bad driver hit my PARKED Prizm!!!

I had the manual and it was fun to drive - not exciting at all, but fun and dependable and honestly who can ever drive at top speeds anywhere in New England (where I live). This is a great car for responsible people. Good for the budget and no worries.

Best part is that Toyota helped design this car it has a timing chain (not a belt) and it is generally super reliable. I'd buy another one if they hadn't APPRECIATED so much... now the blue book close to the Corrola's.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2005

15th Dec 2005, 19:03

There is no 2003 Prizm it was discontinued in 2002.

2nd Aug 2011, 05:12

There is indeed a 2003 Chevy Prizm as I also own one.