2003 Chevrolet Spark SE 0.8 petrol from Indonesia


A car for traffic jams =)



General Comments:

This car is fast enough to keep up with other small cars, despite the 0.8 engine.

Ride is good for 120 km/h, more than that, the car starts to act strange =) top speed is around 150kmh though, but I can't imagine what the handling would be like on that speed. On normal cruising speeds (60km/h) it's handling is good enough, significant body roll is there though, just don't take those corners too hard..

Fuel consumption isn't as low as I'd expect, I could only make around 13km/liter.

Air Conditioning is good, it'd kept me comfortable even when the outside air is 35 degrees Celsius.

Seats aren't the most comfortable around, and the foot space on the rear seats is really small. The lack of headrests on the rear seats doesn't help either.

Boot space is pathetic. To do a decent monthly shopping you'd really take good use of the folding rear seats.

The car came standard with a 6-CD changer and 4 speakers. But what the car really needs is sound reduction (?), noise from the outside gets in too easily.

Overall, the small size makes it a dream car for traffic jams =)

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Review Date: 25th May, 2004

2004 Chevrolet Spark LS 0.8 from South Africa


Real value for money

General Comments:

A perfect car for city driving. The Spark LS has all the comfort that we have come to expect from Chevrolet, not much has changed from the original Daewoo, however the quality of the vehicle seems a lot better.

Driving is a pleasure, and the 800cc is a real runner.

On the downside, they could have kept the electric mirrors from the original Daewoo.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2004

7th Sep 2005, 01:54

I bought a Spark LS 2005 model. It has a problem that the engine starts searching at a constant 60km/h in 4th gear, which results in the car jerking. It appears around 2300 - 2350 rpm's and makes for an unpleasant drive. (same happens at about 75km?h in 5th gear.

It seems that it may be a common problem on this particular model. I would like to hear whether other owners are experiencing the same problem?

2004 Chevrolet Spark Base 0.8 from South Africa


A perfect buy for economy

General Comments:

I have only had the car for a few days and I am finding that it handles peak traffic well. It keeps up with most cars.

The gearing more than compensates for the small 3 cylinder engine. It it very easy to park. The steering is light and responsive.

The rear seats fold flat which most new cars do not do.

Fuel economy is excellent. With a small 35 liter fuel tank you are not punished for carrying extra fuel.

The seats are large and comfortable.

As it is still a very new car to the South African market insurance is a problem. This is made up by the low cost of the car. Just under $10 000 fully imported makes it a wonderful buy.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2004