2006 Citroen C1 Rhythm 1.4 HDi from UK and Ireland


The cutest car on the road today!



General Comments:

This car is a little gem! I have the 1.4HDi and it moves just like the 1.0 petrol engines, which I've had a test drive.

It's a shame there isn't a greater range of colours, but I'm lucky I've got the Damas Blue in the diesel. I probably would have gone for the dark grey if I didn't get the blue.

The interior is simple, but still chic, the best part is the console that glows pink/orange when the lights are on.

With the Rhythm model you get the electric windows, rev counter and air bags for passengers in the rear. Not to mention the fact it's a five door model and it's surprisingly roomy for a super-mini. I previously had a Ford Fiesta (five door) but I think the C1 is more spacious.

The fuel consumption is unbelievable. I travel about twenty five miles a day to work and back and I only need to go the the petrol station and fill up every two and a half weeks or so. When I filled it up, I reset the counter and found that by the time the car had used up the first five litres of diesel I had done 102.5 miles. Anyone got the MPG for that??

The car is a doddle to maneuver with its light steering and close gears. The car is also tapered at the rear so when you look out your wing mirrors you can easily see all around you.

And to tax it for a year is £50. With how cheap it is to run and maintain, you forget you're spending anything on the car and running it for free!

The only way it could get better would be if I had A/C or a sunroof installed. But until the day they make a C1 convertible, I will make do with the windows down.

A wonderful car I would recommend to anybody.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2007

2nd Oct 2007, 11:20

I work out your mpg as 93.18!!

I think... even for this car...that's pushing it! Well done though, it's obviosuly good on fuel!