1988 Dodge Diplomat Salon AHB Police 5.2L 318 cid from North America


Last of the great Mopar squads


When I got it I never even had it checked out mechanically, I just looked under the hood and at the body, realized it needed a paint job, and said yes.

Since then, it has needed:


Main rear oil seal (leaking)

Freeze plugs (weeping)

Water pump (leaking, toast)

Timing chain (two inches of slack)

Front brake rotors

Front brake calipers

Pinion seal (leaking)

Emergency brake cable replaced.

Headliner (sagging)

R&R motor and:

Clean motor (layers of oil and grime)

Valve job

Cylinder heads resurfaced (leaking)

Carb adjust (thermostatic spring)

Rear brake drums resurfaced

Paint job

Current problems:

Rear view mirror fungus

Driver's side door hinge that must be lubed with motor every few months

Some slightly sloppy trim fitting

Light rattles

General Comments:

A great and underrated automobile. Dependable motor, tough, durable, reliable, comfortable, powerful, utilitarian, classic. Great seats. Great lines. Smooth, firm and comfortable ride.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2004

26th Jul 2004, 16:25

I have made the unfortunate and costly mistake of buying two 1988 Dodge Diplomats. None of them was worth the gas I put in them or the air the things sucked in. I do not mean to insult anyone's opinion of this "masterpiece" or "fine road car" as it has been put. But PLEASE, spare me the nostalgia. Does Dodge somehow brain-wash its customers into thinking this is a quality automobile.

My Diplomats cost me triple what I paid for them just to make them inspection worthy. I learned my lesson the hard way. I'm just trying to protect my fellow car buyer.

I just don't get it. The guy writes a paragraph or two about how wonderful the car is. Then goes on with pride about how work $$$ was needed to get it up to par. (Sounds like he had to dump thousands into the car). Next thing you know, he's singing its praises again.

I'm confused.

1988 Dodge Diplomat Salon AHB Police Package 5.2L V8 from North America


Durable, no-nonsense masterpiece


Carburetor has slight choke problem, will be easily fixed.

Replaced lots of things on my last one, but then again I put 160K miles on it.

General Comments:

Extremely reliable, you can put 300K miles on the bullet-proof 318 motor if you take care of it.

Comfortable. The police package had big, thick foam, heavy-duty three-way power seats. You will not have a backache after a long journey.

OK gas mileage is not that great, but who cares.

Good looking, handsome car. The last of the legendary Mopar police squads. A car that says "don't mess with me."

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Review Date: 17th August, 2003

21st Apr 2004, 13:44

The '88 was not the "last of the legendary Mopar police squads" there was an '89 version--I had one.

And Mopar will be back in the police car business when the rwd replacement for the Intrepid is introduced.

The M-body cars are not likely to be remembered as one of Chrysler's greatest models, even the police car versions, a fact reflected in their low prices as used cars.