2011 Dodge Journey Crew 3.6 from North America


Solid, family-friendly vehicle


Not a single problem at this point. The vehicle is still fairly new.

General Comments:

This car is, without a doubt, the best riding, best driving, most solid built vehicle I have ever owned.

We purchased this vehicle partly because of our growing family, and partly because of our last vehicle becoming more and more problematic. Our 09 Camry was initially decent, but after numerous recalls and numerous quality issues, we decided it was time for a change. We started looking for a minivan, but my wife decided she was "not ready for minivan phase" yet.

We like the concept of the Ford Edge that I currently drive, but there is not enough room for long weekend road trips for a family of four and a golden retriever.

We test drove a Tahoe and the new Durango, both great SUV's, but with V8 economy, and near 50K price tags, and no need for towing, we opted against them. We looked into our Journey after my wife's co-worker mentioned how much she likes hers. We test drove one, and drove it home that day.

First of all, the quality of this car is astounding. This is the first Dodge I've owned, and I must say I am impressed with the fit and finish. My Edge is nice also, but truth be told, the Journey takes the cake in overall design and craftsmanship. The touchscreen controls are phenomenal. Everything is easy to read and very user friendly. The gauges and info center are very nicely laid out and easy to read. Seats are comfortable in the front and middle row, back seats would be fine for short trips, but I wouldn't want to take a day trip in them. However, they fold flat, which makes for great cargo space.

The interior is dead quiet, even at 80mph. The powertrain is absolutely seamless. The 3.6 motor runs out great, is quiet and very smooth. My Edge has Ford's 3.5 engine, which is also a great engine, and if we were to race the two, the Edge would take it. Luckily, these two vehicles were not made for the race track, and provide fine performance for their class. We took our Journey on a trip from New York to Florida to visit family, and we managed 24 mpg. I was very happy, especially since we have AWD and were loaded down.

We have just over 13K miles on our Journey and have not had any issues. I know this is still early, but this car seems to be in a class of its own. Our dealer has been great. Not only through the sale, but even for our scheduled maintenance. I also feel my family is safe in the Journey. It has a 5 star crash rating for both front and side. We have been impressed so far, and quite honestly, I'm jealous the wife gets to drive it. If everything holds up, we may just have two Journeys sometime down the road.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2011

2010 Dodge Journey from North America


I would not buy another Journey

General Comments:

The Journey has no power and torque. It moves up a gear on the slightest incline.

It not only has no power, it gets terrible mileage.

The looks and design are great, the power does not match up with the looks. Dual exhausts on a car with no power?

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Review Date: 26th August, 2011

10th Nov 2011, 18:23

Should have bought the V6 - I test drove an 09 the other day, and it had more than adequate power, and will get into the mid 20's in fuel economy. It also rode extremely well and handled fine. Want even more power? The 2011 has 283hp.

6th Jan 2012, 01:33

I have a 2010 Dodge Journey with the 2.3 liter four cylinder motor, and I agree that this SUV does not have enough torque, and the 4 gear box does not help when driving in hills.

This SUV consumes 14.5 liters of gas in the city to run 100 km (6.89 kilometers per liter), which is the same as 16.37 MPG (miles per gallon) according to the computer, which almost agrees with Dodge's EPA specifications for the city, that claims it's 19 miles per gallon (MPG).

Note that I put it a high performance air filter in the air filter box.

5th Jan 2013, 06:29

Now my 2010 Dodge Journey has 23000 km. I have the Journey with the 2.3 motor. This car hasn't had any failures. The only trouble is that the brakes vibrate. I have had to change the brake pads and the rectification of the disc brakes. Dodge should increase the SIZE of the pads and disc brakes, and also they should be made of CARBON-CERAMIC in order to be able to brake an SUV as heavy as the Dodge Journey, and its cargo of seven passengers and their luggage.

Another issue is that the suspension makes the Dodge Journey jump a lot.

In general I'm satisfied with this car. I hope that Dodge Mexico makes a recall for these failures, at least paying 50% of the charge for the brake pads. Or 50% of the new shock absorbers.