1964 Ford Galaxy 500 289 2V from North America


Great car, but now-a-days 12 MPG doesn't cut it


It had the top end of the engine in the trunk with a cracked head when I bought it for $50. So a friend and I put in a rebuilt motor ($400).

Down the line I had the transmission replaced because it wasn't 100% perfect (I worked at an AAMCO trans. shop).

General Comments:

My first car and best car I have ever owned. Lots of power, especially in the '80s when most folks were driving economy cars.

Excellent driver position for my 6'2" frame (Hey, that was considered tall back then).

The A.C. still blew ice-cold after 22 years.

It got 12 MPG using premium gas (or regular if you retarded the ignition a couple degrees), which is about par for a '60s vintage full sized car.

It was large with "bench" seats, which meant I could pack 5-7 friends in there. (try that with modern bucket seats).

Sure wish I had kept that car. I was moving (I thought) to Thailand in 1986 and sold it for $200!!! It was near perfect in all respects.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 25th December, 2009