2006 Honda Ridgeline LX 3.5L from North America


Love it, buy one!


Fan control knob makes intermittent contact.

An inch and a half spot of rust under the paint on the front of the hood.

Flashing digital display when the vehicle is cold (0*c), along with AM radio interference, which both go away after 15 minutes of driving... weird.

Tailgate handle "sticky" and tailgate hard to swing down. Works fine opening to the side.

General Comments:

At 265000KM and 5 Canadian winters: No oil consumption or leaks, transmission smooth, front-end solid, and it drives straight.

No electrical problems except the fan control, flashing digital display and AM radio interference when the truck is cold. Being picky, the driver's side window moves slow compared to the other 3, and the front left interior light does not illuminate automatically, even though it works manually.

One small rust spot on hood, clean everywhere else including the bottom. It has been rust proofed in the past.

Interior still looks new, even the driver's seat. Some wind noise on the highway, much less than a van. One rattle coming from inside the front passenger seat. The radio has an AUX button, but no aux input jack for an iPod or something in the front, kinda dumb. Lotsa storage!

A tank of gas (83L) gives about 500km until the fuel low light comes on during the winter; it seems to be doing much better now that it's warmer out, I expect to get around 600km's to a tank. (I drive it like a pussy though)

At highway speeds (100 to 110km/h, cruise on), the transmission tends to hunt between 4th and 5th gear, on encountering any grade or even a headwind.

That V-Tech system kicks in kind of late, but when it does, there is a VERY noticeable difference in acceleration.

That stability control system works amazingly well (did some experimenting in the snow). It also has a "4X4 lock" (which is a differential lock I'm guessing) for low speed/ slippery surface that got me out and over of deep snow no problem. The truck is a little low and heavy (ton's) for actual four by four'n though.

If you are used to cars and SUVs, it has a wide turning radius, so it can be hard to park in some of those tight lots.

It corners well though, doesn't feel top heavy, and does not tend to "lean over".

The previous owner replaced the brakes with actual Honda parts, something I've never done, but will in the future, since it really seems to be worth it in this case.

I used to be afraid of pot holes; now I look forward to them!

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Review Date: 10th May, 2011

2008 Honda Ridgeline RTS 3.5 ZVTEC V6 from North America


This is the do it all everyday truck


I push this truck pretty hard, and nothing negative has happened whatsoever.

General Comments:

Before I bought the Ridgeline, I was shopping around looking for a multi-use/multi-practical everyday SUV/Truck.

I wanted a vehicle that did everything well. I wanted to be comfortable driving it to work everyday. I also play hard too. I'm into all different types of sports so I'm always throwing sports equipment in and out of the ride. Basketball, Baseball, Golf.

On top of all that, I play in two bands where I'm also throwing band equipment in and out of the ride too.

This truck handles like a dream... no joke! I don't need a huge rock crawler that tows 10,000 lbs like every other guy thinks that they need. Honda did it right. I might not consider it a full blown truck... but whatever it is... Honda always knows how to do things different from any other car company. It's a Honda... aka it's going to last a LONG LONG time.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2009

2006 Honda Ridgeline RTS 3.5 from North America


Love it. Wish I had this new in 2006


Not much has gone wrong with this truck.

One problem with the seal on the rear sliding glass. Dealer fixed.

All is well.

General Comments:

Great ride. Smooth handling. Does what I ask of it.

Great towing as long as the weight on the tongue of the trailer does not exceed the manufacturer's recommended capacity.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2009