2007 Honda Ridgeline RTS 6 CYC from North America


My Honda Ridgeline is a $30,000 LEMON


My initial review went to the comments page. MY RIDGELINE IS A LEMON!!! With only 5,000 miles, the trans. light went off. The day after I got it back, it went off again. Next, the instrument cluster was replaced (resulting in a squeaky dash). Round #1 with the squeaky dashboard. Round #2 with the squeak and the rubber windshield seal (Honda Corp. techs. even looked at it). Round #3 with the squeak and rubber seal resulted in no change. Round #4 with the squeal and seal was incredible. The dealership scheduled me in, then refused to work on it when I arrived. It's now November 29th. My problems started on the last week in September...

General Comments:

I enjoyed owning my first new vehicle for about five months. With the problems I've encountered and the dealerships terrible treatment, I will never own another Honda again. Honda Corp. has also been a treat to work with. They refused to take any responsibility. All of the reviews that I read about this truck were sparkling. Consumers Reports rated it high. BUT, of the four people that I personally know that own a Ridgeline, three of us have had multiple mechanical problems. Don't take the chance - buy a Toyota...

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Review Date: 29th November, 2007

4th Oct 2009, 23:43

You should be telling people to buy American, all these imports are what got us into this mess in the first place.

5th Oct 2009, 12:34


No it wasn't the imports that got us in this mess - it was the complacency of the Big Three, and how two of them needed the taxpayers to bail them out of a mess of their own making.

2006 Honda Ridgeline RT 6 cylinder from North America


On a 1-10 a lowly 3

General Comments:

The interior of this car/truck is a design disaster. Just enough space between the seats and the center console exists for a catch all and retrieve nothing space. About 3/8th inch and no room to fetch fallen objects. The console itself is too short. In order to use it as a platform either to write on or use to set something on you almost have to reach behind you to access the top portion of center console. Actually no flat tray on top to hold any objects. More poor design.

No compass in the coach and no auto-off lights. Hey guys this is 2006. The plastic material used to cover console and dash is not only unsightly, but its durability and ability to be cleaned leave a lot to be desired.

My biggest complaint is the MPG. I have never gotten more than 13 miles per gallon even when calculated with exclusive highway miles. 13 MPG on this 6 cylinder car/truck. That's a far cry from 17/22 or 16/21 estimated for the 07' model.

This a is still one ugly vehicle that needs to be redesigned.

In defense of Honda the Ridgeline does ride smoothly and does possess some nice features. In bed trunk and duel tailgate. These would be the only positive features about this vehicle that I have observed.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2006

3rd Oct 2006, 11:29

Good grief! You went from a Chevy, a true truck, to a Honda? Well, that's what you get, I suppose.

I don't even consider the Ridgeline a truck. You know why? because in stock trim, it's powered by a four-cylinder and is front wheel drive. FRONT WHEEL DRIVE! It's not a truck, it's a minivan with a bed!

It's a shame that it won Motor Trend's Truck of the Year in 2005. The only reason for this is because of its "innovation", which happened to be one idea that made it even less of a truck... and in bed trunk. Shameful. Makes me think a lot less of motor trend when there are more deserving trucks - as in all trucks - out there, like the Ford F-150, which won in 2004, and the Nissan Titan.