2013 Jeep Wrangler Sport 2 Door 3.6 from North America


Capable off and on the road


Miles are only 2800, but no problems thus far, no initial defects.

General Comments:

It is excellent off road on the trails, yet decent on the highway also. Took a 400 mile road trip with no fatigue, and the visibility all around is good.

The 3.6 engine has good power, gas mileage is OK (17 around town, 22 on the highway).

The chassis is strong and well built, and these have always had excellent resale value. I am glad I finally got my first Wrangler.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2013

21st Jan 2014, 09:24

I wrote this original review. Miles are at 8000, still no initial defects. Everything works as it should. Had a recall for a transmission line that was taken care of at the dealer. I’ve been driving through harsh winter weather in 4WD without giving it much of a thought. I am still happy with the Wrangler and am glad I bought it, no regrets or buyer’s remorse.

10th Nov 2017, 21:06

Figured I would do another update. After nearly five years there are still no major problems with this Wrangler. Miles are nearing 40,000.

The worst problem is there was some sort of metal heat shield above the muffler. It corroded where the fasteners attach it to the body and it fell loose. I simply removed it altogether, it is nothing critical.

The backlight for the transmission gear selector burned out. But I haven't replaced it as there is the digital gear indicator on the dash.

Other than that, nothing has broke or failed.

20th Dec 2018, 17:46

It's the end of 2018 and I'm still totally pleased with the Wrangler. This truck thrives here in Erie, PA, the snowiest city on record in the USA the past couple of years. I fixed the gear indicator light (easy) and put new front and rear brake pads on, even though they were only about 50% worn, and it needed a new battery. Other than that, nothing other than regular maintenance has been done to it.