2004 Kia Amanti from North America


Bad paint


I bought the car used and started to notice the paint on the roof going bad. Several months later, I went to the dealer and they told me to get an estimate from a paint and body shop. I did that. They didn't like the estimate, so they asked me to come back to the dealership and they would have their guy look at it. I did that. They called me later to say it is out of warranty by 4 months. Irritated by the run around, and more irritated that I have a car with 35K and a crappy paint job. Looks like a piece of junk. DON'T BUY A KIA!

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Review Date: 26th September, 2007

23rd Sep 2009, 00:28

That's crazy. Look at the age and mileage of the car. I thought they had a 10 year/100,000 mile warranty! Obviously that is a crock of ***t just as I suspected all along.

27th Oct 2011, 22:03

The complaint about the bad paint is just like a recording of my problems.

Paint chipping off the roof, hood and trunk area.

Paint falling off the inside door jam.

Had to replace driver & passenger side decorator molding on the roof, because they were defective, and had a spider web effect in paint.

The car has 30,000 miles on a 2006 model (out of warranty).

Front windshield molding came off while driving down the road. Found out that the windshield was changed out before I purchased the car, because the car was damaged. Windshield was replaced with the wrong size windshield. I purchased the car off the showroom floor with 19 miles on it, and am unable to prove damage before purchase.

CD player has an electrical short. I was told $1500 for a new one, or $200 for a rebuilt (complete radio system has to be changed out).

Another electrical short keeps draining the battery.

I want to buy magnetic signs that say "Don't buy KIA".

2005 Kia Amanti from North America




We have had paint issues with the car chips with rust, but they fixed it before we agreed to buy it.

Also the front monitor in the car that reads the miles, radio station, temp. etc went out, but was covered and replaced in the warranty without an issue.

General Comments:

We love this car! size, smoothness of the ride much better than my moms Honda Accord! doesn't shift hard like Hondas. trunk is huge, we get comments on it daily! head room leg room, but doesn't look too big! people think it is a Mercedes or a Benz all the time. love it.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2007

2nd Sep 2007, 21:40

I just wanted to point out that "Mercedes" and "Benz" are the same thing. The term Benz is a nickname that is used when referencing to the Mercedes Benz line of cars.

I am so glad you love you Amanti also. I've been thinking about getting one.

2006 Kia Amanti from North America


I also am having problems with the car idling up when trying to slow down at intersections and has a high idle speed when starting up putting the car in gear. This has caused my finance' to have a wreck in Oct. 06' and we are still having problems getting the Body Shop and the dealership to fix all the problems (9 months later).

The car also has a popping noise on the drivers left front side when braking hard or with a left turn (still not fixed after several attempts).

I believe the car's frame is bent because the tires are wearing out within 2-3 months (I bought a new tire in May and the dealership says it is less than 3/16" of tread left on it now in middle of July),a alignment doesn't last very long and the headlights are misaligned that bolt to the frame of the car (according to KIA) and there is only a small fine adjustment that can be made.

I am so tired of the non service and the attitude from the dealership that I am now considering seeking lawyer to assist in settling the matters because of the dealerships lack of service, training, knowledge or desire to fix these problems!

General Comments:

The car does handle very good and does have a smooth ride when everything is aligned and straight.

I like the comfort of the interior and the style of the vehicle.

The car doesn't have very good gas mileage and the performance seems to be diminishing with age of the car.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2007