2014 Mitsubishi Mirage Sports 1.2 from Australia and New Zealand


A great combination of economy and style



General Comments:

For a micro car, it does the trick very well. I am 6ft 3" tall and have no problem at all with leg or head room.

We use this car for city driving only, and after 10,000 km we have encountered no problems whatsoever.

It is comfortable, and the A/C is fine for the hot Australian summer. The stereo is nice, the power windows are a feature we like, and also the onboard computer. We average around 5.5L / 100km, but can get 3.9 if I try. Somewhat gutless, but that is expected.

For a city car - it's great, and it only cost $10,000 AUD ($8,500 USD drive away).

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Review Date: 16th January, 2015

25th Aug 2018, 10:39

I am the original poster. My Mirage now has 80k on it and I have had no mechanical issues with the car. I changed the oil and filter every 10K, still on the original rear tyres but on the third set of front tyres, so it seems to like chewing them up. Brake pads changed on front and a new battery. So basically all service items.

Still running strong.

2014 Mitsubishi Mirage SE 1.2 from North America


King of junk

General Comments:

We drive it often at our rental company.

Absolutely the worst car on the road. Period. There is no competition for that. Even the Russian Lada was much better. Even Yugo.

It is a total 180 degrees from the original Mirage.

This is basically a car (????) that would replace a scooter in the winter. Reminds me of a Tata Nano.

Seriously, it should cost $4-5K, tops.

Unbelievably expensive.

No power at all. Even for tiny city car. Gutless.

Very noisy.

Terrible floating suspension that will blow you into the next lane when a big truck passes you on the highway.

Looks awful.

Why is it even made?

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2014

23rd Oct 2014, 15:38

Meh, those are pretty minor things that you mention here. I wouldn't say they are "dealbreakers" when it comes to buying a truck. As for the acceleration, I'd try pressing the gas pedal a bit harder. The Mirage EVO trim is pretty powerful.

26th Oct 2014, 03:00

Beats walking!!!

28th Oct 2014, 03:00

I love my Mirage. The 1.3 L engine gets incredible gas mileage, and it's peppy and easy to handle. I love mine!