2008 Peugeot 207 Sport HDI 110 HDI 110 turbo diesel from Finland


Very sporty and roomy small car!


Really nothing yet. Everything has worked fine.

General Comments:

Very responsive, and has very good handling and a comfortable chassis. The engine is very strong and one of the best diesel engines that is built! The fuel consumption is around 4,5-4,8l/100km.

In the back seat there is as much space as in the new Golf, and more than in the Fiat Brava.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2009

2007 Peugeot 207 Urban 1.4 Fuel from Belgium


That car is over priced for what you get, good for 3 or 4 people, not more


Engine gives a weird squeerk noise when shifting from 2md to 3rd gear. Just like the shifting box is getting broken.

Suspension is too hard and the car shakes like hell.

The engine is too light for the car itself.

Steering wheel is a little too light or over served, it doesn't feel like you have a car in your hands anymore, but more like a huge piece of plastic on wheels. When driving at high speeds you can easily lose control of the car if you are panicked by something.

Sometimes when I drove over a little bump on the road, or when there is a hole in the road and I drive on it, my warning signals just turn on automatically.

The car doesn't drive that well, like when it was new, it's like a very old car after 20.000 km's. And it sounds rough.

The hand grip above the right passenger seat just dis-locked for no reason.

General Comments:

Here I am for my third car review on that website.

After my Honda Concerto and Peugeot 206, I am now the poor owner of a Peugeot 207, dedicated to replace the 206 in the coming years. As I only buy lease and give them back after 3 years, I really feel sorry for my last acquisition.

Let's talk about the design of that car, when you look at it from the outside, it is a very beautiful design, a very aggressive look with very big head lights. The hood is very short and the back of the car is a beautifully formed round bulb.

Under the hood, once lifted up, the engine shows itself to be really cute for a 1.4 liter. But the performance is very weak. The highest torque of the engine will be found on the 2nd shift; from then the car is a lazy piece of junk on the road, and it feels too heavy in corners. From 1 to 100 you will take like 8 seconds, considering that the engine is already HOWLING like a dying wolf bleeding out its fuel. It's a very thirsty car and not good for city trips.

If you want a safe car, then Peugeot is the right car for you. Standard the car is sold in Europe with 2 airbags, 2 fronts and 2 side's. Seatbelt must be used or an annoying beeping sound will be heard, and it goes louder and louder.

ABS is a standard, and that truly is the best the car can give, as I live in Belgium where it snows regularly, my ABS saved my life more than once on straight roads, and even on dry ones.

As I am a very fast driver, the car can't hold up for my skills.

Comparing price and car, that car is overpriced for todays market. I bought it for 18.000 euro's. And I didn't get a CD player or even speakers in it. No stylish wheels, 1.4 engine and not even a diesel.

If I wanted such a car I could have bought a FIAT for less, and all the options needed, perhaps even with an air conditioning system in it and a diesel common rail.

Lets take a look on the inside of the car. I am 183cm tall, when I drive my seat is totally pushed to the back. No one can sit behind me any more unless it's a little child of 2 to 6 years old. The seat of the driver is fully adjustable, even in height. The steering wheel is also adjustable in height and depth. There is a lot of space for the front passenger, but sadly, not enough for someone like me. I like to stretch my legs when siting as a passenger. Till now the only car that allowed me that was a Renault Megane, and it wasn't even mine. Talking about the back seats, they are pretty comfortable, but once again not enough place for me, three guys can fit at the back but they will be very closely sit together :p.

The dashboard is made of a very good hard plastic, and you have a lot of places where you can put your stuff; it even has a can holder and a very wide gloves compartment, which is enlightened. The front doors also have compartments for other stuff. The ashtray is too small and is nearly not accessible because of the gear stick. The 12 Volt power for cigarette lighters or other electrical components like a GPS is also too close to the ashtray, and ash does get in there.

To conclude, the car doesn't warm up as fast as it is needed, you will drive 5 km's before the heating device actually produces heat.

The back window has a warming element, which comes to be useful when condensation is formed inside.

I could end up this long complaint list with the following. That car is a good car if you are looking for safety on the road, if you don't have a huge family or not more than 2 kids. The trunk is spacious enough. And it's also a good car for a loner who like sporty looks, but drives safely.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2008