2008 Porsche Cayenne GTS from North America


It is a fine automobile


The paint is damaged by "grit"on the road during normal winter driving conditions. This happened the very first time I drove over mountain passes on the freeway. The damage is extensive to the wheel well area and the trim around the wheel area. The damage has now extended to other areas of the paint on the side of the car. The car is black and the primer underneath is white. The dealer and the regional rep have refused to acknowledge responsibility.

General Comments:

Other than the paint, the car is awesome.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2009

2003 Porsche Cayenne S V8 from UK and Ireland


Great V8, poor electrics and too many minor faults for £50k


Airbag fault.

Front tyre camber wear.

Faulty headlamps, poor connection in damp.

Gearbox selector problem.

Drivetrain vibration at 60mph.

General Comments:

Cayenne handles and performs well in V8 form, but seems plagued with lots of annoying faults that always require a visit to dealership, who seem to enjoy treating you like you're a pain in the ass. I have to say I've owned a few Porsches and the Cayenne seems to have had the most problems by a big margin.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2008

2004 Porsche Cayenne S 4.6 from UK and Ireland


Money pit, £90 fill up = 200 miles!


Head lamp failure.

Rear washer fluid leaks through head lining.

Engine leaking coolent through head.

General Comments:

Average handling, poor brakes and the worst build quality.

Cheaper running costs with a Ferrari!

First service cost £3800 brakes etc.

One month later in for airbag light staying on and yet more light problems. They ended up finding a coo-lent leek and couldn't find it - out came the engine and gear box, one month later after lending us a mini! I get my car back with a £4,000 bill... Porsche dealer told us Porsche would pay as good will as this had never happend before? Then told us they wouldn't... Got the car back and the final kick in the teeth - my CDs are missing from the changer - Bye bye Porsche!

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Review Date: 16th November, 2007

2nd Mar 2008, 22:03

This entry I found hilarious. Who buys a Porsche and whines about the cost of petrol? Do you also go windsurfing and complain about getting wet?

9th May 2009, 14:37

I would agree - who ever thought a Cayenne would be cheap to run?

2006 Porsche Cayenne from Bulgaria




Not my car so I don't know, I am sure it is prettey solid!

General Comments:

This is the car of a friend of mine (actually his father owns it, but he is driving it all the time) Well, as it is an SUV, that means the seat position is high and viability is far better than in a car. The doors are large so you have no problems getting in and out. Interior is nice.. if not a bit snobbish. There is plenty of room inside and so on..

Lets get to the I Don't LIKE IT point. This vehicle is THE MOST EXPENSIVE SUV ON THE MARKET TODAY, it costs I don't know how much exactly it costs, but in any case it is a fortune. So what do we get for the money? One big car with a big engine. This is not an off road vehicle nobody dares to drive it in the country side. It accelerates better than my car, yet cornering makes me loose confidence. I am sure that if pushed hard while turning this SUV will crash in a tree nearby.

It is quiet and stable on straight roads, but it is turns miserabely. Some people might find it unbelievable, but this is not a safe car.. on few occasions we were to fly off the road. It is deceptively quiet and damn fast.

It does not handle very well, it feels heavy.


Driving the cayenne in the city, I drove it in Sofia for an hour and was pleasantly surprised how well the air conditioner purifies the air it takes from the outside. It is long and wide, hard to park hard to turn around tight corners.

Value, does it have it? NO!

A lot of money, but where is the performance?

The only thing good in a Chayenne is the ENGINE!

Everything else is overpriced. It is not a practical SUV as it neither performs off road nor is it adequate in city conditions. It is a wide and long nightmare!

On the highway you might get to like it, yet for that much money!

I don't recommend anyone buying this vehicle before test driving it. The differences between Toyota Landcruiser and Porsche Chayenne are not great. Toyota Landcruiser with a big engine is definitely a better buy.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2007

27th Apr 2007, 08:55

This was a waste of my life reading this. A view from a third party on a car he doesn't like purely because it is expensive! Heaven forbid that one day he may be a passenger in a Ferrari or something. The Porsche may have it's faults, but please only describe genuine ones!