2007 Renault Grand Scenic 7 seat Dynamique 111 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Great car, but the faults are letting it down


Knocking noise from offside front wheel when turning left

Plastic bumper clips broke

Drivers window groaning when operating

Car seems to skip about about when hitting bumps

Clutch has failed after 7000 miles (fair wear & tear) I think not.

General Comments:

Overall the car returns good mpg; have done 3 trips to France and 1 to Amsterdam, with an avg 45mpg.

Around town 34mpg.

Comfort levels and visibility when driving are very good.

Ease of use of controls when driving is good.

Acceleration not too bad considering it's a 1.6 and a heavy car.

Very impressed with room and boot space, and how easy it is to convert from 2 seats all the way to 7 seats in a flash.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2008

2008 Renault Grand Scenic 1.5 dci from Belgium


Excellent choice so far


Nothing, I've had the car for just 1 week.

General Comments:

Very early to comment of course, but my first impressions are very favorable. Grand Scenic drives well, roomy, comfortable, comes with all the electronic gizmo's (automatic lights, automatic hand break, automatic warnings, parking assistant, cruise control, key-less start, etc etc). The small 1.5 diesel (105 HP) does the job very well, both in town and on the motorway. All in all, a car of an different generation than my previous 1997 Toyota Carina. Fingers crossed that it will continue to be excellent.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2008

13th Jul 2008, 03:48

Update @ 8000 km : "oil level incorrect" warning light came on... phoned Renault assistance and was told to add 0.5 liter of oil. "Oil level OK" now, but is this normal?

14th Feb 2009, 11:11

I've had the car now for just over 1 year, 18.000 km, no problems. Average fuel consumption around 6,8 l/100 km. Pros : versatile car, drives well

Cons : interior could be better finished, some rattles in the back ; diesel smell on cold start.

19th Nov 2010, 07:02

Good engine. Averaging 950kms on a tank of diesel.

Very comfortable.

Paint job still looks great.

Electrics (bulbs, lights, 12v point) not as good as my old Toyota.

Replaced front tyres at 45000km.

17th Apr 2011, 12:24

Original owner again, @60.000:

I need to replace front tyres (and back ones in approx 10.000 km). Otherwise nothing to report. Car runs well.

19th Feb 2012, 14:27

At 75.000 km : passed first MOT, no problems (except rear fog lights not working). Had it checked before MOT by a garage (a 670 euro bill for 2 new back tyres, oil, front brake pads, work... ouch).

Nothing much to report, average fuel consumption 6.5 l/100 km.

5th Aug 2014, 17:27

Original owner at 115,000 km:

Excellent car really, no problems, good engine, comfortable car even fully loaded with 5 adults and a dog!

Some of the trim is starting to loosen a bit (boxes in front doors and side boxes in the trunk), but very satisfied.

2005 Renault Grand Scenic Expression 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


Don't buy one, no matter how good a deal it seems; you will only have problems


All of the below occurred within 18 months & 11500 miles:

Steering whine - dealer unable to resolve

Steering clunk on full lock - dealer resolved

Engine cutting out - dealer unable to resolve

Throttle sticking open - dealer unable to resolve

Brakes squeaking & grinding - dealer unable to resolve

Rear electric windows fell out - dealer resolved

3rd gear failed - dealer resolved

Engine mounts cracked - dealer resolved

Seat belt mounts failed - dealer resolved

Start button problems (clutch depression function did not work) - dealer resolved

Bottom end rattle on start up - dealer resolved

Metallic paint scratched & dulled with even the slightest touch - dealer unable to resolve

2nd row removable seat became impossible to put back in - dealer did not resolve

Glovebox light would not go out - dealer could not resolve

Rear door lock failed - dealer resolved

Drivers seat sagging badly after 5000 miles

General Comments:

On the face of it, a good family car, but unreliable and badly put together, with apparently inferior parts.

You are much better off going for a Vauxhall Zafira or a Citroen C4 Picasso if you need this type of car.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2007

28th Sep 2007, 08:00

Our 2004 1.9dCi Dynamique has now racked up 42,000 miles and has only needed a replacement door handle and a new guide for the panoramic sunroof, both sorted with no hassles under warranty. A far more reliable car than our previous VW Golf!

28th Apr 2010, 13:55

We had a Renault Scenic... for us it was the WORST car we have ever owned it, spending more time in the garage than on the road. The dealership whom were also very poor (being polite) they also did not have a clue.

19th Nov 2010, 15:08

As someone who spent the first five years of my driving career in cars costing less than £500, I include all those wheezing, rusty heaps when I say that the (then) 3 year old, 2004 Grand Scenic I owned was the most unreliable, fault prone car I've ever owned.

Good looking cars, great diesel engines, and excellent practicality, but utter crap once they get to 3 years old. Never again.