2005 Renault Master MM33 2.5 dCi 100 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Safe van, packed with features, just not rugged enough


The van came with the steering components loose, and the van wandered all over the road until I took it in for inspection.

Drivers window winder failed.

Passenger window winder failed.

Have had three replacement parking sensors.

Radio antenna broke off.

Sliding door electric contacts corrode when it rains.

Rear doors seized up/very stiff to open.

Have to slam driver's door to make it shut.

Have to slam sliding door to make it shut.

Have had new clutch master cylinder already.

Clutch has juddered since new.

Handbrake failure is most recent fault.

General Comments:

IMHO, the faults I have had show very poor build quality.

However, the van always returns between 30 - 32mpg.

It has never failed to start, and is reliable this way.

The cruise control is the best thing on this van, and makes you less tired.

The aircon is very good too, and has not failed yet.

Rear tyres hardly wear down, but front ones do much quicker.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2011

1998 Renault Master 2.5 diesel from UK and Ireland


Best van ever made


Replaced hand brake cables, new bearing in front wheel.

Great van, never let me down, never missed a beat.

It is a straight diesel, the best I think. You can keep all your fuel injection engines and turbos; nothing but trouble, and electrics, all the fancy extras, just buy a straight diesel van and it will go to the moon and back. I know lots of vans with over 300,000 on clock and still going great, and most you can work on yourself. I have never taken mine to the dealers, so there you go.

General Comments:

Great old van, and the engine is powerful enough to pull anything. My van is showing its age, but the engine is still strong.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2010

2009 Renault Master DCI 120 LWB 2.5 diesel from UK and Ireland


A good all round performer at a good price!


None whatsoever!

General Comments:

I was a little dubious about buying a Renault Master after clocking up 250,000 miles on my trusty Sprinter! But I am happy to say it has been a great decision so far, no complaints to be honest.

The drive is comfortable, smooth, positive and responsive even at low revs.

The gear box is a little loose, but smooth.

The mirrors provide great visibility, the steering is light and the turning circle pretty good.

I am getting about 28 mpg on average, which is pretty good as I'm a multidrop driver.

The only complaint there isn't a decent drinks holder in the cab, but I can cope that!

Well done Renault!

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2010

2001 Renault Master Expression 1.9 dci turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Worst car I have ever owned


I only had the car 2 weeks when the engine management light came on, and I lost most of the power; 40mph top speed.

Took it to the Renault garage, which is 60 miles away; they told me it was an EGR valve. They had to order one.

Took it back 2 days later; still the same fault. Had to order a new intercooler, and go back in 2 days again.

That cured it, but the next month the turbo packed in. Got new turbo fitted, ran fine for 2 month, then the gearbox got noisy.

Fitted a new gearbox, thinking nothing else could go wrong, then started banging at back end; had to fit new axle bushes.

Now the passenger window won't open when I lock the car; everything locks except the drivers door. When I unlock it, I have to open the passenger door from inside.

Started to lose power again. Phoned Renault who said try cleaning the EGR valve. It did cure it for 200 miles, then it happened again; was sooted up again. I'm going to buy a new EGR valve and change the car. I can't afford to run a car like that.

General Comments:

Would never have another Renault.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2008

16th Dec 2012, 08:46

Heed this warning! Anything dCi in my option is BAD NEWS!

2005 Renault Modus. Delphi fuel pump starts eating itself at 60k, contaminates the whole fuel system, writes off the injectors and fuel spider with iron fragments. The tank had half inch of deposits. Total repair cost £2,700...

The guy that refurbished the injectors said the fuel system's main components were not fit for purpose, made on a budget by idiots.

I'll second that!

12th Jul 2016, 07:06

The Renault Master is a commercial van - not a car as you stated. I think your review is for another vehicle