Roomster SE plus 1.6 TDI turbo diesel

A pleasure to own and drive

219 words, UK and Ireland


Roomster TSI

In general it is a nice car, but not perfect

133 words, Germany


Roomster Comfort Highline 1.6 petrol

Good for the money, not the most refined or family friendly

481 words, Egypt, 3 comments


Fine, but could be EXCELLENT

131 words, Czech Republic

Roomster 1.9 turbo diesel

Perfect car for 90% of the Earth's population

426 words, Poland, 2 comments


Roomster 1.4 diesel

A Postman Pat car

121 words, UK and Ireland

Roomster 2 1.4 turbo diesel

An amazing car that is refreshingly different

124 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

Roomster 3 1.6 petrol

Unsatisfactory due to poor build quality

242 words, UK and Ireland


Roomster 2 diesel


61 words, UK and Ireland

Roomster Comfort 1.6 petrol

Loving the style and ride

99 words, Australia and New Zealand

Roomster 3 TDI 1.4 TDI turbo diesel

Well built and practical car

98 words, UK and Ireland


Roomster 3 1.5 16v

A good small MPV for the price of a good super mini

113 words, UK and Ireland