Liana RXI CNG 1.3

Best value against small budget

51 words, Pakistan

Liana RXI 1.3L 5MT M13A DOHC

I will give 8 out of 10

36 words, Pakistan, 3 comments

Liana LXi 1.3 Gasoline

Great Value for money

97 words, Pakistan, 7 comments

Liana RXi - CNG 1.3 EFI DOHC

Pieces of Mind and not at all Piece of Mind

98 words, Pakistan, 35 comments


Liana GLX 1.6

Crazy depreciation turns the car to scrap

237 words, UK and Ireland

Liana LX 1.6 petrol

Great Family Vehicle

115 words, Australia and New Zealand

Liana 1.3 petrol

The Liana is reliable, well made and kitted out, but its Achilles heel of poor ride really let down

64 words, UK and Ireland


Liana LX Hatchback 1.3

The Best

29 words, Sri Lanka

Liana L 1.3

Has to be the best value car in its class

112 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

Liana 1.6L

Good pace, good place

138 words, Qatar, 4 comments

Liana Gli 1.6L petrol 4-line 16v

Reasonably Good

112 words, Singapore, 17 comments

Liana GL 1.3

A Good value for money car

96 words, Singapore

Liana sedan 1.6 twincam efi

Reliability, performance, build quality are all excellent

182 words, Australia and New Zealand, 5 comments

Liana 1.6

A good bargain

94 words, Norway, 5 comments


Liana 1.3 petrol

85 words, Sri Lanka