20th Apr 2012, 12:35

Calling a car a "nerd mobile" isn't making a valid argument. There are plenty of people who think huge SUVs and floaty big granny-mobiles are equally unappealing. People prefer to drive what they like. Choice is a good thing. If the Prius were a failure, people wouldn't buy them. Nuff' said.

20th Apr 2012, 13:09

So for example, the interior space in a little Yaris is more or if not the same as a flagship Lincoln, Caddy, Buick or Olds from the 70's or 80's?

I don't know about that one, when most of today's bigger cars could fit in the trunk of the cars listed above. Most cars like the Prius or Focus hatchback may have similar interior dimensions as older, bigger cars, but that includes the cargo space inside, where head and leg room don't make a difference, because nobody sits there.

20th Apr 2012, 23:53

I own 3 full-size cars. They are for pleasure use mostly, so I'm not very concerned about gas prices.

21st Apr 2012, 10:46

And I believe the Prius sells well because of MPG; that's it. Some people want extra cash in their pocket, even if they drive a disposable toaster type vehicle.

23rd Apr 2012, 09:36

Agreed. Since the Prius is in fact such a well-designed and reliable vehicle, the people who buy them indeed happen to have extra cash in their pockets, unlike those who buy disposable toaster whatever cars.

23rd Apr 2012, 19:06

Toyota wisely brought the price of the Prius down to a very competitive level. I remember some studies a few years back that showed that you'd have to drive a Prius 660,000 miles to save enough on gas to break even. That is no longer true. Now you can buy a Prius for the same price as the (admittedly far better) gas-only Ford Fusion.

Granted, they are bizarrely styled and the opposite extreme from anything that could even remotely be called "sporty", but many younger drivers have lost all interest in a car as anything other than a place to plug in their iPods. For them the Prius is as good as any.

Personally, I'll stick with something that has wheels larger than a small pizza and a shape that resembles a real car.

24th Apr 2012, 10:07

Actually, I disagree. My teens like iPods and styling, and are willing to work hard for a cool car.

My son drives a 2004 red Civic EX 5 speed, and my daughter has a 2012 Mazda 3 Touring automatic with hands free phone, as she lives on it. And that is definitely a girls car with its happy grille on the front.

And I do know a former middle aged Prius owner, and she could care less about cars. It's all about gas and her long commute. It's gotta be a wind tunnel decision to have a car shaped like a bean. I found her back up camera interesting, as she said she can't see backing up! Very odd car in appearance, and the experience riding in it.

24th Apr 2012, 10:50

The comments about styling have little to nothing to do with the merits of any car. Everyone has their own unique taste in cars. If you look at one of the new Priuses, they're actually a pretty large car. The first generation, of which we own, are pretty small, but even so it has a fair amount of interior space. The interior of the new ones are more like inside of a Camry or Buick.

Secondly, they're about the same price as any other medium sized sedan. They also just released the Prius C, which is only around 20k. For people that commute a lot, those would be ideal, and they've already sold a ton of em'.

26th Apr 2012, 07:01

If it's turn a key and nothing else, you are correct. By the way, a ton could also mean one car sold!

28th Jun 2012, 20:02

I hear you. I test drove a Lincoln MKZ hybrid as I was coming from a Volvo, and a Seville prior to that. It was nice, but overpriced and suffers from Ford/Lincoln resale plummet. What I did like about it was the technology, and as I was being seated to talk to the "Finance guy" for their best price etc, my salesman confessed the hybrid drive is from... Toyota! Prius hold their value better than Ford/Lincoln, but I did like the MKZ! I don't believe I made a poor choice with my Prius - and neither did my Prius driving Lincoln salesman!!!

6th Nov 2012, 12:15

I actually looked at the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid (same as Fusion, only dressed up) and the BEST feature is that the hybrid drive system is... wait for it... TOYOTA!!! The resale value on Lincoln is such that I have decided to wait a couple of years to purchase. I do not feel I made a bad decision to buy my 2009 Prius now. I have put >10K miles on it and really love it. I added a K&N air filter, leather to the arm rests and console, and will be adding performance tires and urethane bushings to improve handling. I like the Lincoln/Ford products, but still found the Prius to be a better value! I agree that the Lincoln had everything I wanted coming off of a Volvo ownership - just not ready to spend $500/month on a purchase!

26th Dec 2012, 23:59

In regards to the FUSION - PRIUS comparison: an odd thing to say, considering Toyota's years of emphasis on engineering, testing, improving their energy conscious lines. If you don't mind, give me the tried and true, thank you! (That's in spite of North American government media programs to level the playing field for its per chance struggling "Big 3," era 2009!)

27th Dec 2012, 16:25

I'm afraid at this point I'd be hesitant to even look at anything built by Toyota. Last week the news carried an item about Toyota's 17.5 million dollar fine for disregarding its customer's safety. That was the fourth such fine since 2009.

Today a headline proclaims "Toyota to pay 1.1 BILLION dollar fine". That was to settle for all those killed, maimed or inconvenienced by Toyota's uncontrollable acceleration fiasco, and would appear to me to be a clear admission of responsibility in those cases.

29th Dec 2012, 15:18

I would buy a new Cadillac vs these choices. And no hybrids!

30th Dec 2012, 08:09

Why would anyone purchase a General Motors product? The company never repaid its bailout loan. So now I have to pay my portion and so do you. General Motors should be made to give everybody a new car. I'll stick with my Ford. It's paid for and it runs great. It's just common sense, who wants to go in debt for 5 years or more for a car. You can't have money in the future if you owe money today.

30th Dec 2012, 08:37

That's how many feel, except they buy an import and send the biggest profits overseas. The few jobs created will never offset the 47 percent the rest of us working have to pay for in America. It's really a bad situation.