23rd Dec 2010, 16:54

Sadly, I have to agree. With the Republicans trying to kill off our poor and elderly by doing away with Social Security and medical care, and taxing the poor and middle class to give our money away to the richest people, there will be few people able to buy a car in 24 years. We will have a handful of billionaires, and millions of poor and homeless.

24th Dec 2010, 14:26

Another good Forbes article about cars that last past 200,000 miles today. Consumer Reports listed the top ten cars that they expect to last past 200K miles. Toyota had 4 of them, and Lexus had one, so that is basically half the list going to Toyota. Ford had the Fusion Hybrid, although they are only predicting that one as it hasn't been around long enough for anyone to have driven one 200K miles. The Ford Flex ecoboost was also on the list. All the rest were imports (Honda CR-V, Acura RL, and Porsche Boxster), which further enforces the point that imports score above domestics in long term reliability.

24th Dec 2010, 18:02

"Expect" is a huge maybe. We can all "Expect" for the best when buying a car, it makes no difference .

I highly doubt ANY car made in the past 5 years will last longer than 200k miles without major repairs.

Quality has gone down all over the board, most noticeably in the Japanese and German brands.

Korean cars have improved, but still have a long way to go, as with Ford, GM, and Chrysler.

The sad reality is, the new cars are less reliable, more delicate, all plastic, and disposable.

Everything is hard to fix, parts and repairs are super expensive on newer cars, they are designed to become obsolete quickly and be disposed of, just like computers and cellphones.

The worst are the over engineered drivetrains designed to self destruct well before 200k. Many older engines ran well past 300k, and they stopped making them.

In my experience in purchasing and reselling used cars and trucks over the years, I have noticed the older cars last way longer and are better built.

The vast majority of cars I have seen with over 200 k on the odometer have been pre 1995 Volvo's, Honda's, and Toyota's. Unfortunately those 3 have suffered the worst drop in build quality.

Older German cars run over 200k, but now VW is lowest on reliability ratings, and BMW and Benz have cut too many corners on quality.

Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Kia and Hyundai rarely ever make it to 200k, and have certainly not gotten any better over the years .

Older Subaru's and Mazda's are underrated, but often run past 200k with little maintenance.

Older Chevy and Ford full size trucks and work vans with a V-8 engine will last forever too, well over 200-300k.

Most of the older domestics with V-8 are very reliable, especially the cars designed for taxi/police use like the Caprice, Crown Victoria and Lincoln Town car. These run very high mileage with little maintenance.

The only Dodge or Chrysler you see with over 200k on it is their minivans. Pretty much everything else is junk, apart from their diesel trucks.

Ford and GM have improved in the past 5 years, but they made a lot of awful cars from 1995-2005 that are still around and to be avoided, especially the Malibu and Taurus.

Any car can run over 200k if it well maintained, garage stored, and has mostly highway miles, so there are always exceptions, but some engines are just better than others.

For example, I have seen about 40 Chevy Astro vans with over 200k, but I have NEVER seen a Ford Windstar with that much. I have seen hundreds of Honda Civics with over 200k, but I have NEVER seen a Nissan Sentra or Kia Rio with over 150k and still running.

That is just my opinion, and what I have seen over the years, the new cars are just not built as well.

27th Dec 2010, 17:41

Do us all a favor and buy a North American car.

In this troubled time, our economy needs all the jobs and help it can get.

My grandfather would be rolling in his grave if I ever bought an import; he was a veteran that had pride in his country.

Patriotism, honor,pride, virtue and other moral values are in steady decline, hence the amount of imports on the road.

I'm proud to own a domestic made in my own country by well paid unionized american workers, however sadly I am a small minority in this day and age.

Everyone wants an Accord just to be better than their neighbor with a Malibu or Taurus.

Imports are more expensive, and not of any better build quality by any means.

28th Dec 2010, 11:29

Don't feel alone sir. I'm 22, and own a Crown Victoria, and would buy a brand new Town Car if I had the money. Your comment was excellent and very true.

29th Dec 2010, 14:16

I have 4 late model American cars, all corporate based in America as well. I am saving a lot of money on repairs. In the excessive 80s, I owned all imports including a Mercedes SL. I am late in the game, but I agree. Ironically, it was poor quality and service issues that prompted the switch. Back then it was excess and prestige vs restraint and patriotism unfortunately. Lots of Benz BMW were more commonplace here

29th Dec 2010, 18:01

Your grandfather and mine should be rolling in their graves as there is no pride in our country anymore. Virtually every company including the big three auto makers has sold out to foreign labor in favor of their profits. They had no consideration for this country's future or its citizens and their prosperity... only in their bottom lines. For anyone to post on any site and claim they are a true patriot by purchasing from any supposed American company is really a sham. You only support the further depletion of American jobs by letting these companies continue their ways with your "loyal" support.

Now the car discussion: These days import and domestic is a very blurry line. So you go and buy a Chevy Aveo... Did you buy an American car or an import? How about the new Buick Regal. Is that a car built in your own country? Hardly!

This argument is very tired and old. Hondas and Toyotas are cars that are actually built in our country, while Chevy's and Fords are built elsewhere, so using that as your basis for which car to buy isn't making your argument for domestics very strong!

Also, the myth that imports are sooooo expensive, really leads me to believe you just don't like them, and you have never really shopped for one. The Camry base model regularly sells for much less than $20K around here, and the Accord starts at right around $20K. The directly competitive Fusion is at the same exact price point as these two cars. We purchased a Toyota RAV 4 sport after comparing it to a Ford Escape XLT. Both were very closely equipped, and only within a couple hundred dollars for MSRP. If you haven't actually priced imports and made deals on them, save your "imports are so expensive" comments please.