2001 Toyota Sequoia SR5 from North America


High quality extra large SUV


The only thing that has gone wrong is a small piece of trim on the windshield came loose. The dealer replaced it with no problem.

General Comments:

The Sequoia is very comfortable and great for long family trips. I really like the over-sized sunroof.

We also use it to pull a boat and it has plenty of power and the traction control is very handy as well.

I would have expected Toyota to include nicer floor mats. The standard mats are not very thick or nice.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2002

2002 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4.7 I-force V8 from North America


A very high quality ride with room to spare


Well it lost a piece of trim from the Roof Rack at the car wash, but the dealer is replacing it.

General Comments:

The Sport Utility Vehicle is very roomy and comfortable.

Handles much smoother than our previous 4Runner.

It is a pleasure to drive, seems to have the power to pass anything, but a gas station.

Mileage is in the 14 mile per gallon range, I was expecting something closer to the upper limit of the Environmental Protection Agency ratings, like 17-18 or so. Maybe it just has not had enough time to be broken in.

Would like a memory function for the seats, and have seen a nice feature on the side mirrors of an Expedition - Turn signals blinking in the mirror, very nice safety feature for when your passing one of these and they want to move out.

Cup holders are plentiful and out of the way, (Serious problem from the 4runner)

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Review Date: 5th May, 2002

2002 Toyota Sequoia Limited from North America


Nothin has gone wrong with this car yet.

General Comments:

I went on a 1,500 trip and back in December 2001 and it drives excellent, very comfortable and I recommend it to anyone.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2002

28th May 2002, 14:58

Have you ever heard of any type of intermittent humming noise located somewhere near the fuel door after turning off the engine? I have, is this normal?

2nd Jan 2003, 10:30

Yes the humming is normal. I have it on mine. Also had it on my 4Runner. Not to worry. The 4Runner lasted 7 years and 180,000 miles and no fuel related problems. Really not any problems at all.

17th Aug 2005, 09:59

The humming is the fuel pump.