2002 Toyota Sequoia SR5 from North America


Great performance and reasonable price


We have had ongoing problems with the air conditioning. It will cool off just enough so you know that it is blowing cool air, but not enough to cool off the car. We have had it replaced 3 times already and are going to take it in again. (very frustrating)

General Comments:

Over all, we love the SUV, but if we can't get the air conditioning problem worked out, we won't buy another Sequoia.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2003

28th May 2004, 22:20

I have the exact same problem. I love it, but in Texas, the air con cycles and shuts off. It's got to be some computer snafu.

30th Jul 2004, 13:22

I have had problems with the AC in my Sequoia as well. I have had it in about 5-6 times and it still isn't right. At an idle it blows more like a fan than AC on days over 95. If the temp goes over 100 and you are stuck at a light or in traffic it's much worse. I also hear a whirring sound when the AC is turned on at an idle. I have been told that the unit is too small for the car and that there isn't anything that can be done. I am on my third summer with this vehicle and didn't have these problems the last two.

2002 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4X4 V8 from North America


Over priced, but easy to drive and comfortable


The air conditioning in my Sequoia has completely broken 3 times. The most recent attempt to fix the problem at the dealer has improved the A/C's performance (it blows cool air now) but not fixed it. The dealer told us the first time we brought the car in, this was a pretty common problem with Sequoia's and parts were so in demand right now, it could take weeks to get them in and fix the vehicle. He was right-it took 3 weeks. the A/C self destructed again within 5 miles of the dealer, on the way home, and was brought back in for a second replacement. Second replacement blew a week later. Third replacement is not blowing cold air (but at least it's blowing air now).

The biggest concern of mine is that when the A/C stops working (always happens on the freeway), smoke comes pouring out of and in to the car. I have a problem driving a smoking car 65 MPH on 26 gallons of gasoline with two kids in the back seat.

Other minor problems: back windshield wiper needed replacing, headlights needed adjusting, air in the brake lines immediately after purchase, rubber seal around passenger door fell off.

General Comments:

Aside from the problems, major and minor, this is by far the most superior full size SUV we have driven. It completely blew the Expedition and Tahoe away in our test drives. We had wanted to buy a less expensive car, but were spoiled after driving the Sequoia and had to have it.

The Sequoia is a good 4X4 performer and drives great in snow and around the mountain trails we take. The Low gear is a big plus for us and while it is not as much a climber as the Land Rover, it is practically twice the size. I would love it if it had some more horse power, but it does well with the 240 it has.

While the vehicle is definitely overpriced compared to the competition, you're paying for the Toyota name, synonymous with reliability (most of the time) and resale value. If they make things right with ours, we would get another one and would recommend it to anyone.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2002

1st Jun 2003, 07:46

I think that this car is a worthless piece of junk (limited 4x4, $40k)! I drive one myself and the car keeps having problems, and it is much too expensive, the dealers are so unfriendly. Here are the problems: left rear power window broke down, the tail light wouldn't work, the air conditioner has broken FOUR TIMES (!) and the radio stopped working three weeks ago. Last week the transmission broke, at 67000 miles and now I have had it! I will never buy a Japanese car again!