1993 Alfa Romeo 155 V6 2.5 V6


Superb car as long as it is in good condition


Heating fan speed control unit failed, replaced cheap.

Passenger's side door lock replaced when bought.

Hydraulic cam belt tensioner failed @185.000km.

Ash tray wouldn't stay closed.

General Comments:

The 155 V6 is a good all rounder, has the nerve and character of an Alfa, and still is comfortable on long trips and city driving.

Interior is quite solid. Ashtray and windscreen defogger vents are the worst parts in it and usually break.

If you ever buy one no matter what, do a cambelt change or have it checked (in case the seller has changed it). The hydraulic belt tensioner usually fails, there is an option, a mechanical unit that Alfa Romeo itself sells, it is cheaper and safer.

Electronic damping control works fine for now, replaced all 4 shocks. Nice feature to have on the car, VERY expensive to fix, still you can fit non electronic shocks if they fail.

Electric heated seats still work, very comfortable to be honest.

The car handles very well for its year, brakes are on the poor side of the scale, you won't lack brake power, but they should be better having into consideration that this car goes over 200km/h (120mph) with ease.

The car feels well planted at high speeds and gives a nice safety feeling when taking a sharp turn. Few body roll, this chassis has a strange tendency to understeer when turning into a corner with power and oversteer when turning in while braking or without your foot on the gas, just stay in the throttle if the last happens.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 18th August, 2009