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Due to my lack of technical knowledge and the large amount of e-mail I receive, please note the following points:

  • I'm not the owner of any of the cars on this website
  • I can't help with technical problems you may be having
  • I can't contact the people who wrote the reviews as the reviews are submitted anonymously
  • I can't sell you a car or car parts, or advise who the best supplier would be
  • I don't have the necessary knowledge to advise on legal issues
  • But I do enjoy receiving e-mail about the website itself

It's also worth checking the Frequently Asked Questions

My e-mail address is steven@carsurvey.org

Major updates to the site are documented on the My Sites section of my blog

Technical Details:

The site is hosted on a dedicated quad core 2.6 Ghz Xeon server by SoftLayer. The webserver is Apache and the reviews are stored in a MySQL database. PHP scripting with some Perl is used to produce and administer the site. The site appears to be standard HTML because I use URL rewriting to hide the fact that it's actually PHP with a Database backend.


Carsurvey.org delivers tens of thousands of reviews to prospective car buyers every day. Advertise on this site with Google AdSense, or contact me at steven@carsurvey.org to discuss advertising and sponsorship opportunities.


Not all of the credit for the site can go to me, as I have had help from several places.

  • Andrew Ferguson has kept the site uptodate when I've been on holiday or travelling
  • Gary Turner provided the graphics used on the site, and created the look and feel
  • Simon Green kindly provided most of the North American photographs
  • Mark James for his excellent free flag icons
  • And lastly, thanks to everyone has written a review, as they have made the site what it is

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CSDO Media Limited, registered in England No. 5071745.

Registered Office Address: c/o SJD Accountancy, Floor A, Milburn House, Dean Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 1LE.