2002 Volvo XC70 AWD 2.4L 5 cylinder B5254T from North America


I have owned a 2000 and 2002 Volvo XC. Both have been very costly, and I would never buy another


Faulty pedal position sensor.

Right front door lock faulty.

Software changed to improve pressure in accelerating.

Sunroof sun shields broken right and left.

Front rotors replaced twice.

Upper torque mount replaced.

Split A-frame bushings.

Replaced inner tie rods and boots.

Front door locks locked by itself.

Shifter assembly separated rocker replaced.

R/F low engine mount replaced 2 spring seats replaced.

Booster pressure sensor replaced.

Replaced front axle.

Replaced front engine mount and torque mount.

Advised car has bad transmission. Cost $5500. It is time to sell this horror. Never Volvo again!

General Comments:

I have owned cars for 54 years. This was the most costly and worst experience I ever had. I had a 2000 V70 Volvo before, and I was foolish enough to buy another one. No more Volvos.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2010

5th Dec 2010, 23:47

Funny how their old 240's are supposed to be good cars, but then there's stuff like this. Sorry you wound up with such a mess.

2002 Volvo XC70 2.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Well marketed lemon in 2002 in the AWD arena for Volvo. I want my 850r back..


In the end, everything - front end, tyres, engine mounts, aircon, transmission; it all got too much.

Leather soft, interior very flimsy, and the plastic on all contact points (arm rest and door) wears away.

General Comments:

Over engineered, excessive running costs, bad performance, little idea of the real damage to the brand with such a badly made vehicle.

Side vision when turning, the worst, the glare from the dash reflection onto the windscreen is the absolute worst in the world.

Chews through tyres and front ends.

Automatic transmission is a serious problem (yes I know it's the valve body).

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Review Date: 31st May, 2010

1st Sep 2010, 20:12

I agree totally. My 2002 XC 70 had solenoids replaced in the gearbox at 70,000km, and now at 142,000 the gearbox is playing up again, needing a total recondition.

In addition, alternator has been replaced, front left driveshaft is shuddering, and yes, it chews tyres.

Engine mounts need replacing for the second time.

I agree the glare from the dashboard is blinding in some situations, and yes, there is a huge blindspot when changing lanes to the right etc.

I love this car, it's practical for my purposes size-wise, rides beautifully and is a pleasure to drive (when it's all working), but I am seriously considering changing to something more reliable and cheaper to maintain.

2002 Volvo XC70 AWD 2.5L I-5 turbo from North America


Fantastic, versatile, and reliable


I have not had the reliability issues other people have had. Here are my petty complaints:

The brake pedal in my XC seems too soft and requires a small amount of 'pumping' (step on- and off brakes 2-3 times quickly) to firm up. The braking is excellent despite this.

Ignition switch seems a little rough and has 'locked up' on me once or twice.

Steering wheel seems to be off center and car pulls ever so slightly, even though alignment has been checked twice and verified to be straight.

The plastic bumpers/trim can be a little difficult to keep looking like new.

Nothing else has gone wrong with this car since I've owned it.

General Comments:

I traded in my '95 Chevy Tahoe for this Volvo wagon/crossover because I couldn't justify the 10mpg of the Tahoe anymore, but needed a something to haul cargo in, as well as my dogs.

This car has been fantastic in virtually every respect: No reliability issues with this car (yet) @ 82K miles.

Oil changes are more expensive and more frequent than even my older Lexus, apparently because more oil is needed for this engine and a higher grade is recommended due to the turbo.

Great low-end power, though not a show-stopper at higher RPM. Fuel-efficiency for such a heavy, AWD car is quite good: 20-22 around town/28-30 on open highway.

The transmission in my XC is very smooth, sturdy, and flawless (these other reviews have me nervous though).

Versatility of this car is outstanding: folding front passenger seat along with other seats down allows for lumber transport and other cargo utility.

All Wheel Drive, Skid Control, and ABS give this car a sure-footed grip in any condition (in snow, on grass, through mud, etc). The overall handling is excellent as well.

The interior is exceptionally well appointed and has some of the most luxuriously comfortable seats I've ever experienced.

In general, this is a fantastic car that I love to drive. It has been (so far) extremely reliable and a joy to own.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2008

31st Oct 2008, 06:33

Regarding your brakes, check for worn pads and change the brake fluid, should be done every 2 years.

22nd Jul 2016, 21:41

I agree 100%, new brake fluid is most likely the problem. The fact is people never change it, though it really should in around 3 year intervals. Heated and "burnt" fluids contain "bubbles", so are lacking in pressure similar to hydraulic oils. 90% of used cars have black fluid and black deposits in the reservoir, and it just simply shouldn't be like that. Good workshops stick a brake fluid service/change label on as it usually is when it is new (endorsed or 5 tick) companies. Change fluids and save your brake lines/booster/vac and get a like new pedal.