What car do you own?

I own a 2005 Volkswagen Golf GTI with 5 doors and the DSG transmission. So far my experience has been very good. It's fast, comfortable, easy to drive, and practical.

Previous to the Golf, I owned a 2002 Honda Civic Type-R, which was good car too. Fast and practical, but it wasn't as refined as the Golf. Probably slightly quicker than the Golf when driven hard, and certainly cheaper to buy. The interior was bit rattly in the last year of ownership.

Can you do things differently / Add a new feature?

Most things are done the way they are for one or more of the reasons below:

  • Historical reasons: It would break my existing code or data without a suitably large payoff
  • It wouldn't scale very well
  • I haven't thought of a way to code it

I welcome any suggestions for new features regardless of the above. Make a good suggestion and I'll either promise to do it within a week, promise to think about how to do it, or explain why I believe it is a bad idea in as nice a way as I can.

Can I copy your reviews?

Not without my express permission. The only situations in which I let people copy reviews is when people have good, useful car sites dedicated to a particular model. I have then let them copy reviews for that model only. I much prefer that people link to my site instead. If this is your intention, mail me your site URL along with your plans and I'll consider your request.