1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.4L from North America


I'm looking for another one!


When I first bought it, the head gasket and intake were done.

It has ran like a pearl since I got it.

At this date, all I've put in it:

- Catalyser was clogged, put in a new one.

- Ball joints, tie rods both sides.

- Brake pads, brake discs every year.

- Oil and Prestone changed every 6000 km (a little trick for head gaskets!) shhhhh!

- About 6 inches of gas pipe... had a leak!!

... That's it!

General Comments:

Looks good, runs good, and is SO comfortable! It's hard not to fall asleep in it!

I put in a 1200 watt Clarion sound system in it! The sound is good in it! Big car, big motor! Big sound system!

It's the best car I've had since the day I owned one! And I've had a few!

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Review Date: 16th April, 2012

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE1 Coupe 3.4L from North America


The best car I have ever owned


When purchased, it was in need of a head gasket. I replaced it, and it has ran fine.

I was having a clicking noise until I replaced the combo switch, and the tank sender went bad.

My transmission has a shutter every once in a while, but it comes and goes.

I am in need of a rear head gasket, which is well worth my time.

The spark plugs and wires are all original and are starting to go downhill, but that is the cost you pay when you need regular maintenance.

The power steering pump switch is noisy, and sometimes stalls the car. But with 235000 miles, it is expected.

General Comments:

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CAR! At first I bought it, and wanted to sell it, but after driving it, I decided that this car was right for me. I bought it from a woman who drove the crap out of it, and took very good care of it while it was in her possession. There were no cracks in the dash, seats, or dents or scratches. It starts up every day for me with its still-climbing high mileage, and it does not scare me to drive it up the street or cross-country. It DOES NOT use oil, and is very comfortable. I am used to driving a manual transmission, but quickly got used to the automatic.

I do not like cloth interior, so I went in search of leather at the local wrecking yard, and found immaculate seats to install. This car has done nothing but awe me every time I drive it.

For those who call these cars "junk".. Maybe it was not maintained or was abused by the previous owner. Or, maybe there are people who just like to complain, and agree with everyone else that their car is crap. Even though it had a poor crash rating, I still find it very appealing and reliable. If you take care of the car, it will return the favor. Maybe for those who actually take care of their vehicles and make sure it is in the correct running order, it will take care of you. But in some instances, it is not always true. I guess it just depends on what condition it is in when purchased.

My Grand Am has a lot of miles, but was taken care of, and I will continue to do so as the previous owner did. Everyone has an opinion, and to the people who receive relief by dragging others down, shame on you. I love my car and so do many others. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone. It is very reliable and comfy. I give it an absolute ten, and give props to GM for making such a great vehicle :)

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Review Date: 26th February, 2011

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE 6 cylinder from North America


It's great when everything is running fine


The first thing that went wrong with my Grand Am was my motor. It had to be rebuilt right after I bought it! The head gasket also was replaced.

Then annoying clicking noise that came from inside the dash board.

Shortly after that, my alignment was off and I had to get brand new axles because they were bent.

Then my power steering pipe fell out. I continually was putting it back into place. The last time the clamp came loose, I bought a new clamp and it's been great since then.

After this, my window motor broke and my windows would fall down in the middle of winter. The trim also was very off, and left air getting into the car, making a squeaking noise. To replace the window motors was about 300 dollars.

I went through a car wash that I normally didn't go to, and then my driver's side mirror fell off and it cracked. I bought a new one from a used junk yard, and it cost 50 dollars.

My rear bumper was cracked and rust started appearing, but that isn't any mechanical problems.

After that, my rotors and struts went back and had to replace that. Then my heater blower motor went out, and that was an expensive fix.

Soon my alternator went out, and my power seats never worked from the moment I bought it.

I had to buy a few new parts to roll down my window because it just went bad.

Then my car wouldn't stop overheating. Turns out the coolant tank was cracked, and it always got air pockets in it.

Then my brake line went out, which was an extremely expensive fix. And now my car is getting really low gas mileage. I bought a brand new fuel filter and some other things to clean out the valves. I bought new tie rods because they went bad as well.

General Comments:

This car handles very well when nothing is acting up. It sometimes scares me to drive this car, but when I know everything is okay, I just love the feel of the way it drives. It's excellent and handles very well.

The interior is very nice and comfortable. It's a very sporty car.

I love it when it's all cleaned up and the minor problems are fixed. Just waiting for the next.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2011