2004 Citroen C3 Exclusive 1.6 16v


Not a bad car, but has unreliable indicators and fuel autonomy


After the first service, the car started to consume in excess. Had to change the fuel injection system for over consumption. This task to be completed took me over 10.000 km of use to convince Citroen the car used too much fuel. Consumption was amazing: 20lt/100km!! And they doubted to make the necessary repairs. After the service, it continued with such gas needs till an upgrade in the electronic system; this upgrade was made 5000 km after the last repair as it was not available at the time. But yet it never gets the fuel economy Citroen claims.

The alarm which was installed by Citroen, never worked well, and it's almost impossible to set it up on one's own.

Rear brakes were noisy when I first bought it, and still are.

Fuel gauge is faulty, doesn't indicate what Citroen states (never marks the 8 liters per led as it says), and never got it fixed.

General Comments:

Bad service attention given on post sales by Citroen, and lack of labor parts.

Fuel consumption is excessive for this kind of car (12.5lts/100km average) on normal driving (city and motorway).

Fuel tank is too small for gas needs. Not designed for these latitudes; you must be sure you have a gas station every 280 km or you'll get nervous by thinking you'll continue on foot. Disregarding climate condition (wind snow etc) and driving conditions.

Company statements are not accomplished.

Beyond that, the car handles very well, is quick and braking is awesome, design is good, and very well equipped.

However interior and suspension are very noisy; there are squeaks everywhere.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 6th April, 2005