1997 Daewoo Cielo GLE 1.5 MPI


A luxury car for those who can't pay for a luxury car


Brakes are not as reliable as I'd like on a 160 km/h car. Although I changed pads and got them serviced it's still a weak break. Perhaps rear drums are too small.

The driver's seat elevation system does not work since I bought it (65K Km).

The seats foam became weak and uncomfortable.

All suspension system had to be replaced at 70.000 km.

The official service in Argentina is quite expensive as well as spare parts.

However in some cases (distribution belt, brake pads, sparks, sparks cables) spares from Chevrolet (GM) will work fine.

General Comments:

In my country buying this car, is about as expensive as buying a mono-body car without such comfort.

So you can buy a cielo, and get AC, power steering, electric windows, hydraulic clutch etc, for the same money you buy a basic car national made.

This car can give a lot of comfort and it's quite reliable.

It's not a sporty car at all, you can't ask it to run as the wind... it can barely run as a breeze... but it will always run.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2003