1998 Fiat Palio EL 1.6


Tough and roomy


Original pads and disc brakes must be changed at 25000Km.

The driver's seat is broken at 35000Km. After that I had a problem with the wiper windscreen motor (changed), the rear right wheel brake, the throttle wire is broken at 80000 Km (changed), and finally the car was overheating and I must change the heater radiator.

The horn never works correctly.

General Comments:

The Palio is a very easy to drive car, easy to park (even without power steering) in the city. When I drive it on the highway, the car has found its natural habitat, is fast (170 Km/h, at least that's what the clock says) and economical (15-16 Km/l).

Inside is roomy (five passengers seated, no problem), the trunk is a little small. Almost 100000 Km. and the car still runs with the original clutch and shock absorbers!!!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 23rd January, 2002