1981 Ford Falcon Futura 3.6


Heavy and expensive non-classic


The car was equipped with natural propane in 2005, which ended up ruining the valveheads, costing over US$100 in repairs (in local Pesos, that's about 400).

The heater never quite worked.

Engine always ran hot, despite changing the thermostat.

Seats were small, shallow and uncomfortable.

Ride was tough, but at the same time unstable.

Front end broke loose from the forward beams, costing $$$ in welding repairs.

Started rusting just before we sold it in 2006.

Had to replace started and brake switch solenoids after having the car for 8 years.

Had to replace and re-grind frozen front passenger's side brakes after 2 years of sitting without moving.

General Comments:

A good, solid car, but expensive on the maintenance.

Rather reliable, but would have preferred a bit more comfort, given the good size of the car.

Excellent engine, but delicate with natural propane gas (never perform this conversion if you can avoid it).

Cranked up and ran every time.

Slow on the highway, but felt extremely tough and safe.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 23rd October, 2010